Chivette will remove an article of clothing for every 5 pounds Patty loses (3 Photos)

Last week in the comments, Whitney Howard, one of our long-time Chivettes agreed to drop an article of clothing for every 5 lbs Patty loses. Today, Whitney is sticking to her word. The photos of Whitney disrobing will appear in the 'Daily Afternoon Randomness' so tune in. Below you'll find the outfit Whitney won't be wearing much longer. It's awesome.

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  • Pete

    How much does liposuction cost? I'm in for ten bucks.

  • davidphilbinetc

    I would like to see Lauren undressing as much as the next guy, but lets not steal Whitney's very sexy thunder. That doesn't mean there aren't other opportunities for you Lauren…

  • Bud Ugly

    Any ladies willing to do this for every 5 pounds I gain?

  • Kim Trueheart

    Wooooooot. Go Patty. Chivettes helping to motivate FTW!!!

  • duckor

    Patty – cut your arm off.

  • pyrosis

    What's the point? If she gets completely naked, Chive won't show the Naughty Bits. The Chive staff will see the good stuff, be we won't.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Right on girl you go…and Patty get them fucking pounds off….NOW

  • bennyboy

    if that doesn't motivate you, i dunno what will!

  • Orgazoid

    LonelyAirman-Sticking up for 'beautiful' people on internet forums will not win their gratitude nor get you laid. Unlucky that.

    • LonelyAirman

      I can't argue with the "nor get you laid" part, but that is irrelevant to the purpose of my posts. As for the gratitude, if it comes, it comes (and it has, at times), but again, not my motivation. I merely strive to right the wrongs I see and put a positive spin on things, if possible.

      And I've always found that in-person contact with a woman tends to lead to much greater success in the "getting laid" department than trolling internet forums. TheChive is entertainment, but not a brothel.

      • whitneysouth

        I have gratitude LonelyAirman. Lots of gratitude.

        Nothing sexier than a guy standing up for a girl when it's warrented. In my opinion at least.

        Whore is a strong choice of word for a girl whom you also don't know beyond what she's sold you on the internet Orgazoid.

        • Orgazoid

          All I know is this girl is 'selling' her body on the internet in exchange for a few 'thumbs up'.

          • LonelyAirman

            And you're complaining about it?

      • Orgazoid

        One mans opinion is exactly that, an opinion. It is neither right nor wrong. He feels that Chivettes are attention whores, something with which I agree. His opinion does not need to be 'righted' by the likes of you. However, you seem like a nice fellow and I wish you a happy life.

        • kanuck

          If you feel that Chivettes are attention whores, why do you click on posts that feature them? It seems more logical to avoid things you dislike than to further invite them into your life by creating conflict with them.

          • Adep

            I clicked on it because she is hot and I wanted to see it, I'm not going to deny that. I was just making a statement. The internet is full of women who want to show their body to complete strangers for attention and this is a prime example of that. It is the internet version of the girl in high school who shows her vagina to the football team at a keg party. As much as I like to look at it, it discourages me that some women feel the need to act in these ways to fulfill some need for validation.

            • kanuck

              Then stop giving them the validation that motivates them to continue the behavior that so honorably "discourages" you.

              • Adep

                How does something "honorably discourage?"

  • JohnnyC

    Whitney + sexy see-thru lingerie = WIN !!

  • Orgazoid

    I'm sure a better quality of life is more a motivating factor for Patty than a naked pic of an attention hungry skank who is probably riddled with S.T.I's

  • ClariseStarling

    Whitney, you fucking rock.

  • jim

    Patty; One word:


  • BRAD


  • zighawk73

    WOOHOO I'm famous in a very "nobody gives a shit about me" sort of way. GO PATTY! WHITNEY NEKKID!!!

    • zighawk73


  • IronEagle119

    Damnit Patty, you better become Bulimic!!!

  • Orgazoid

    Poor saddened, cultured, mature LonelyAirman. She's still not going to sleep with you.

    • LonelyAirman

      And your point? Is that all that your life revolves around?

      What plays into your great angst, anyway? Nothing but negativity in every comment I've seen.

      Your attempts to belittle my life have been amusing, but misguided. Look to your own affairs, and improve your lot; be not a burden on your fellow Chiver. It's not even depressing, it's pitiable.

  • Mark

    I swear Patty, if you mess this up for us..I will hunt you down.

    • truthteller

      Get a life.! Or go buy another blowup doll.

  • Diana Santos

    and i thoug she was kidding when i read that 😀 well,patty can´t complain of lack of support! cool ideia :p

  • Tofu_Ninja

    Any update on how much Patty (and Whitney) have lost yet?

  • whitneysouth

    Touche LonelyAirman. I think it's a little excessive. How many comments has he taken the time to post against my "whorish" ways? haha
    Haters are gonna hate. It's not like I'm getting naked. Relax. Enjoy your life a little more rather than wasting it attacking a girl who's keeping her word in a bet.
    It's really going to be fine. The world will still go on. You will make it through this.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      congrats whitney, you got yourself your very own personal troll. all fame comes with that. chill and have a beer. oh wait, you're already wearing 2
      cheers, beers

  • TheBigKahuna

    patty! you just need to lose 30 pounds! good luck!

  • Schula8

    hahaha awesome idea. Go Patty!

  • Oxifer

    Why just Patty? I am an over-sized Chiver, get another Chivette on board and I will take part too. What more motivation could a guy need than an entire community of peers ragging on him for not getting them what they want? Chive! There is your challenge, get another Chivette on board and I will be on board as well!

    • Tofu_Ninja

      Do it Chive! Help this man live!!

  • Ebthekid

    Let’s get this girl in playboy… Errrrrtttt!!!

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