Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • Brad


  • jamison

    #8, #7
    It's DAR!… and Little DAR

    • Jamiem

      Could somebody for the love of bacon please find #21, I'm not exactly casanova but if I find her I will summon all the wit, charm and composure a man can muster and woo her. I will woo her silly!

      • McBeastie

        y u fuck up good comment with bad response?

      • Dan

        Jamiem, you're never going to meet her and even if you do you're not going to get her. Girls don't like when douches respond to perfectly fine comments with a stupid response just to be closer to the top of the comments. You did just that and now you're destined to be forever alone.

        Please abstain from responding in such stupid manner in the future.
        Have a nice day.

    • Moby

      **Littler ftfy

    • yerp

      shitters full

  • Random

    #1 – I want a petite lap giraffe

    • SushiMutilator

      it's dangerous to go alone! take this!

      • snookie.smoosh2x

        Take what? You didn't give him anything. Not even a sword.

    • workin_donkey

      Opulence…I has is.

      • Silky_Johnston

        Damn, you beat me to it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/KaylaSmith43 Kayla Smith


      There ya go…..put in your order now.

    • who cares

      AWWW where's his scarf?

      • Gi Joe

        That wasn't a scarf… it was a towel for after her workout on the treadmill….My wife has her order in.

    • buzz

      Hell yeah i submitted this!

    • joe

      VCU!!!!! GO RAMS!!!

    • vodkaburner

      Wait…these are real?

  • oh.yes

    I want a lap giraffe, too!

  • biindsp0t

    #5 Yoga paints, WIN
    #37 Take the tape off and who is she!

    • Jedi

      I believe an italian talk show host, sorry no name

    • yomamma

      She´s a famous argentinean model-hostess-reporter her name is Pamela David

      • Gevth

        …and you'll probably be able to find some tapeless photos now that you know her name.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NickLee339123 Nick Lee

    Reminds me of Pokemon #29

    • dasuperfan

      that one cracked my shit up

    • DCBizzle

      press b…press b! PRESS B! STOP THE EVOLVING!!!

      • PointBlank_

        i hear you liek mudkips?

    • hMMMM

      Stop disgracing Koreans.

  • Random

    #34, #35 you're definitely a sexy Chivette

    • Alex

      Yeah i was like She doesn't think shes worthy!? WERE not worthy

      • ryan

        were not worthy? now we are? Apostrophes are there for a reason

        • my5tika1cll

          Yeah, for resumes and formal papers. He wasnt writing a book report, and yes no apostrophe…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Runge/1357676916 Sean Runge

      Gina is very worthy

    • Cauliflower Ears

      Totally a sexy Chivette!!!

      MOAR PICS!!!

      • TxSpooky

        Boobs are always a motivator!!

    • OwnerOfYou

      Gina, and others like her, should have her own post. Chivette success stories and such…

    • That Guy

      Time to give her her own post.

    • Ryan

      She needs her own gallery.

    • Havoc Control

      Completely Agree. keep posting. You look great

    • Mikey

      I said GODDAMN! You've definitely got the look..

    • The Dude Abides

      Ummm yeah…if anyone is negative about Gina, punch yourself directly in the balls. Gina needs her own post.

    • Ovi X

      just perfect!!!

    • Jack


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Dexter/549765303 Peter Dexter

      wow, something we all agree on..

    • amy

      definitely should have her own post

    • smokey

      does this mean Patty will not lose it in his boobs ?

    • Hich

      Gina – In addition to your rockin' bod, your attitude and generosity are CRAZY-sexy!

      To add to the chant – MOAR!


      Gina, you are worthy for three posts: Future Lower back problems, Sexy Chivettes, and of course a post all of your own! Keep sendind pics! You're beautiful!


        I meant "sending", keep sending pics!

        • This is Me, eh?

          Difficult to type when you're drooling, eh?

    • Aaron

      yep, couldnt agree moer!

    • ChasJones

      Totally buffet worthy…yup.

    • Chuckles The Clown

      Worthy. Oh yes you are.

  • Pat

    #1 WANT!!!!
    #37 WANT also!!!!

  • Mike Hawk

    #24, Ron Jeremy?

  • italybittaly

    FUCK YEA I love me some DAR

  • Cbrown

    #6 its iliza no Lliza Just a head up

    • floscar

      Also has an amazing ass, look it up!

      • snookie.smoosh2x

        Correct me if I'm wrong but I think she is the hottest comedian evur!

        • Mirra

          You are wrong. See Whitney Cummings and Rachel Feinstein

          • mcr

            you are wrong they are good but Iliza is better

            • McBeastie

              You're all wrong…women are not funny.

              • Randy Marsh

                Madeline Kahn was… and maybe its just me, but she was smoking hot

                • McBeastie

                  I wasn't really being serious, but Iliza comes off as a female Dane Cook to me.

    • Drew

      Very sexxxxxyyy… Also pretty funny : )

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Aubin/1211755636 Ryan Aubin

      She's beautiful. And has a sense of humor.

  • Brad

    #5 – Yoga pants FTW
    #41 $5 – NICE!

    • Brad

      I meant #45

  • zman

    #34 #35 We are not worthy, you are more than worthy!!!!

    • Anthony

      You ARE lucky none of it came form your boobs, because everything looks fantastic. MOAR pics and Own post I say!

      • rawnoyz

        I agree. definitely MOAR of GINA! I'd like to see before and after pics as well just to see this transformation.

  • Corey

    Hmm kind of bitter sweet. An early DAR, but that’s usually what makes me willing to stay at work until 4…

    • RufioRufioRuFi

      Anyone else thrown by the early post?

      • BentWrenches

        I LIKE it.usually finishing lunch at two when DAR comes up and have to come back later

  • T.T. Tiger

    #16 Just happened to me. It's amazing, but beware. IT knows were you go always. Make friends with the IT guys.

    • JeeperCreeper

      it's even better when you are the IT guy.

    • Big Mike

      yes..we do..lol

    • Screwdriver

      I am the IT Guy!

      • ROK247

        you ARE the brute squad

    • kwest

      Yeah! Next time you come to work and the computer, email, "internet" and phone are all working just fine…stop what you are doing and call the Helpdesk and say "thanks!"

    • Tyler

      As an IT guy, I can vouch that this is true.

  • Lauren Gentile

    #12 and #42 are both ddaannnggerrouuss games… but I'm pretty sure the gumball thing has more of a chance of actually being your demise (or at least my demise). Scary tease!

    • DaHooomie

      The Special flip… if anyone wondered

      • Stef

        Nitro Circus? Think so… it's been a while since I saw this.

    • aleXTC

      #12 reminds me of something i would see in nogales.

      • Leo

        I've seen that exact gumball machine somewhere in California I think. I have nearly an identical picture.

  • GypsyBread

    #13, #14 Yay Patty!!! You can dooo it!

    • Jimmy


      • gaz

        He's a wrecking machine !!!!!!

        • Patrick M.

          Thanks for the encouragement! Today was a tough day…you guys (and gals) help a lot. ~Patty

          • DistractedIndividual

            You rock my socks off:) Lol
            You will make it we Chivers have an abundance of faith in you!

          • http://www.facebook.com/acasinas Alfred Casinas Jr

            np Patty! i'll be doing my own weight loss program coz of what you've doing dude =)

            now, go back to the threadmill! like jimmy said, do it for the naked chivettes!!!!! =P

            • mark

              when i lost weight (20 lbs), i had some rotten days early on. then one day you wake up feeling better than you ever have. for me it took about 10 days or so. push though Patty!

              • junction

                patty… patty… patty!

                • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.a.sampson Thomas Allen Sampson

                  Starting my weight loss program today, TEAM PATTY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.stees Thomas Stees

            theCHIVE is in the LA area right? Where did you hike it looks familiar! Somewhere in the santa monica mountians?

  • peckerwood

    #25 OMG

    • Jedi

      I could do with a post of her

      • Poppin Fresh

        or 2 or 3… (o_0;)

    • Sharky

      Vive Le France

    • GK-4

      Is she mixed?

    • civer

      find her?

      • Jigabachi

        Find her!!

        • Meep

          Find her!!

      • krimpat

        Find her!!

    • Leo

      Yeah, I love Japan.

    • D3AN

      I'd say she's Korean.

    • Don_Aguelo

      Holy shit! Is she real?


      Do it for the children

    • marie

      It's Sasaki Nozomi!!! From Japan, it's from one of her old photobooks, she is wearing different wigs and outfits in it!

    • Besotted

      Most beautiful woman EVER!!!

  • codeblu

    #18 ALL GLORY TO VIGO!!!

    • Yucky

      You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

  • aosux

    I think this is the earliest the DAr has ever been. #6 is hot and funny

    • Adam

      Maybe to make up for last tuesday. A day that will forever be a black spot on my heart.

  • Wolfram


    cute overload xD

    • tkc

      And the placement was nice too. It makes for disbelief for #30 or motorboating for #32

  • I_am_elf

    I would like to see more of #28's unscratched behind please chive.

    • Jeremy

      Everyone stand back, I'm a doctor. #28

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      she has an ouchie, she needs a kiss on her booboo to make it all better
      cheers, beers

    • andintheend

      time to turn the other cheek!

    • john v.

      agreed! thanks for the effort, #28. looking forward to seeing more of your behind!

    • junior

      i would also like to request a picture of the subsequent bruising…i find it inspiring.

  • Dozer13579

    #32 San Diego, drink it in. It always goes down smooth.

    • BentWrenches

      woo hoo San Diego girls representing !!

    • The Guy

      How's about we get a steak dinner for Slim. Poor thing.

    • Cake is a Lie

      619 / 858 Represent. Stayin' Classy

      • Scotty


        • Motte

          760 is faking it….your I.E., admit it!

          • Motte

            *you're (durrrrr)

          • OCfaceIEbooty

            Everyone thinks the IE is so ghetto.. there are some really nice areas there!

    • JewLover

      #32 San Diego seems fun.

    • CalculatedRisk

      1, 3, 2

    • http://www.lazythekid.blogspot.com LazyTheKid

      I live in San Diego and I do not know these girls. Y U NO INTRODUCE ME CHIVE?

  • Tom

    I demand a thigh-high sock gallery! Please.

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    The order today threw me off, I almost missed DAR!

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