• ryeguy

    I'd like to see the translated transcript of what the guys filming (watching) are actually saying.

  • Hobbes

    In Soviet Russia, car would never double park self!

  • clickhere

    sooo u are telling me that it takes only a minute to get a car removed by a mechanical arm when a douchebag steels your place ? interesting…

  • coold

    Well i really dont get this video, this surely isnt a parking fault, but what i fail to get is, any part on a car can be repaired, ANY!! then why so much wastefulness??? I mean worst case scenario, recycle, or maybe change the title( salvage or something, and still get some money off of it).
    Also if this is a manufacturing plant, like people are suggesting there arent ANY in Russia. so chive, could you please explain what is actually going on here, my "curiosity itch" is killing me….challenge???
    aren't the Japanese one of the most smartest people on earth, wouldn't they have a better solution than to just scrap the whole car, instead of replacing a part(s)????

    • IronEagle119

      1 – Too cost prohibitive to replace the defective parts… cheaper to build a new on on an assembly line.

      2 – This will be a tax write off for the manufacturer. My dad used to work for GM, he said they would destroy perfectly fine equipment if they don't need them/want to store them. You can only store so many parts in a warehouse before you run out of space… they then claim the destroyed parts as a tax write off, instead of giving the parts away so someone needing one still has to buy said part.

  • Jim

    i think they were most likely damaged during shipping. look closely at the white car, there is clearly some damage to the left side. the blue car is less obvious but I'll bet its a write off too. maybe some kind of computer glitch?? that can ruin a modern car

  • Evariste

    It can happens if the cars are strongly damaged, which doesn't look obvious in this video, but also for illegally imported cars which happens quite often in Russia and then the owner gets a fine and the car is destroyed.

  • Bubba

    look closely at the roof of the white car. There is already serious damage on the driver side. Russians not stupid like that!

  • liquify

    mazda factory in belfast germany. those cars are off to the crusher as pre model-year demos always have to go. no vin numbers and cannot be sold

  • Daily Dump

    […] Do not get your car towed in Russia. Ever…[The Chive] […]

  • ABlanding

    Alriht, so in Russia it cost more to dispose o a car than it does to actually but a car. A lot of pople just leave them where ever they can to get rid of them, I was here 4 2 years and had awseome oppurtunities to by nice cars but doing something with then there was too expensize and completely useless

  • Nick

    In Soviet Russia car is not trashy, car IS trash.

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