• toban

    the only thing that sux worse then this song is the toronto maple leafs

  • JP_in_ott

    Glad to see Ottawa getting a little light on the Chive…I love living here…. But that vid is also one more reason I'm a Habs fan….

  • nwest

    Nice 'atta bro' ass slap at the end…

  • Leo

    That was hilarious. I think it was funny due to the fact that it was embarrassing to watch. Well done and for all you people hatin' on these guys (leaf fans) you all just wish you had the testicular fortitude to even do half of what these guys did. kudos sens fans

    • D Phaneuf

      guess you missed the part about this being staged… then again you are a sens fan so obviously you are an idiot

  • Hooty McBoob

    silly 🙂

    not enjoying that it's stuck in my head now 😐

  • kurt

    good video but LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  • RamboSherbet

    I think Brendan Frasier and Conan O'Brien had a Canadian baby. Awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Termeer/516388246 Dylan Termeer

    awkward ass slap at the end…

  • B-b-b-bryan

    What was that that just mauled my ears? Is that a real song?

  • 2cool4skool

    Well, it takes some nerve to make yourself look like an ass in front of that many people, bravo.
    Were they playing that in the stadium? And why?

  • jpm

    What a bunch of hosers eh?

  • Guest

    Wooo, Go Sens Go

  • cab

    Most entertaining thing to happen at a Sens game all year

  • Waymon Cox

    Way funnier than Rebecca Black's lip syncing.

  • clickhere

    anyone from ottawa ?

  • Nick

    Looks like Mac from It's always sunny.

  • WhitterBoomer

    Find Him! haha

  • Leo

    Yes,I reside in Ottawa. The land of horrible sports teams and even worse politicians.

    ~chive on from Ottawa

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