Mysterious painted trees mystery solved (10 HQ photos)

Hikers in Colorado have been noticing an odd natural phenomenon lately -beautifully painted dead trees. The artist behind this natural "street art" is Curtis Killorn. He calls it public art and is being commissioned to paint trees all over Colorado. If you have a dead tree that needs spruced up, contact Curtis HERE

  • Jason

    As long as this doesn't get out of control and the paint is bio degradable I don't see the problem. They look cool but I wouldn't commission him to do this all over. 2or 3 I get it. a forest chop hit fucking hands off.

  • Blargh_Matey

    His work doesn't seem very original to me. The color schemes he uses are a direct ripoff of a glass media artist named Dale Chihuly.

  • AeroMace

    The description called it "natural". Think before you type

  • 2cool4skool

    These are very beautiful in my opinion, I really like #8.
    I wouldn't necessarily want these in all landscapes, but it's a nice thing here and there.

  • Lynne McNaught

    Wow. Stunning colours against the dessert! I love it.

  • Cherry

    Actually, this isn't that unusual.

    On a few large properties in Australia we paint a tree yellow to signify a few things; if it has emergency supplies buried under it, if that way leads to a shelter or to mark a creek.
    My grandfather had a yellow tree that showed riders where the start of the trail was that lead back to the house.

  • abe frohman

    The trees were cut down about a year ago. I ride my bike past the stumps several days a week. I am not sure who cut them down.

  • Jason Skidmore

    Only in 'merica can yo make a living painting F$^&ng trees!:@

    • Frank

      I'm sure his living comes from welfare.

  • Neil Kay

    brilliant stuff, i likeee a lot! to all the naysayers, chillax man, there are thousands of dead trees out there. this is art. you all need to pull the dead trees out of your arses.

  • Anonymous

    stop ruining nature you hippy

  • hippiessuck

    stop messing with beauty you dirty hippy

  • watcher

    A for effort but a D- for the revolting palette.

  • laurietenpas

    what about the woodpeckers and insects….they will not be able to inhabit these??

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