Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Dom

    #33 That's trailer park life.

  • niitsitapi13

    35 bob had bitch tits

  • Jabba

    #6 Proud to be Brazillian!! [<O>]

  • Dude

    I used to watch Battle of the Planets all the time before grade school in the late 70s. My first though when I saw this was "At least he dressed up as Tiny, the fat member."

  • Boris

    #40 Do Find.

  • normanburner


    J-R-O-C ftmfw

  • Christo

    Where's Whitney?

  • Brian Michael Schade

    #35 All I can say is, "Why?" #43 Excellent, dude! I'm a loser, too.

  • Jon

    #33 Trailer Park Boys, F YEAH!! J-Roc's the man!

  • Ken

    @2 is hot, but #14 ftw – lip bite and SM collar. Bring it, baby!

  • Ken

    #2 is hot, but #14 for the win – lip bite and an SM collar…bring it baby!

  • duffman0313

    #37 Spawn of STIG

  • Rex

    #40 is Rita Benavidez. The picture is from here: http://crossfitoneworld.typepad.com/photos/traine… and here is her blog: http://ritabenavidez.wordpress.com/

  • Lynyrd

    I totally know where Gaffney, SC is! And I can so see somebody doin this……chive on SC!

  • mtpuckhead


  • Spacemanspiff


  • Drew

    I found her.

    Name: Rita Benavidez

    Source: http://crossfitoneworld.typepad.com/photos/traine

    Her Blog: http://ritabenavidez.wordpress.com/

    Why she can kill you with her bare hands:

  • aaallenone

    #33 Trailer Park Boys
    #39 & #46 Yes I would Thank You

  • https://www.facebook.com/tj.dumser TJ Dumser

    #33 trailer park boys! FTW!

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