• Maynard B.

    #11- Wicked cute. I'm exhausted just reading about her ambitions. Thanks for sharing Tabitha, and thanks to your friends for hooking us up.

  • WoogyMonster

    #7 Awesomeness!

  • julietromeobravo

    cute and out of our league.

  • Tabitha

    Haha sure 😉 Thanks again everybody! 🙂

  • Charles


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    that is one high jake gillenhall #5 tabitha makes the save providing the cute
    cheers, beers

  • 031552

    are you sure that's jody foster? looks like helen hunt

  • Casanova

    Marry Me

  • misschris

    #11 – Well done Chive! I love a cute brunette.

    • JohnQ

      Lesbians rule! ❤

  • Urban

    #4 #7 This girl is bad ass. Win one for Texas!

  • Austin, Texas

    Praise the Lord for women from TEXAS!

  • hmm

    not too impressed, #4 thighs lookin pretty thick, im sure chive will makeup with shay

    • Tabitha

      It's true I was once kinda a fatty. But hey… haters gunna hate.

      • Thighmaster

        That's actually my favorite photo of the bunch. 'Bater's gunna 'bate.

  • RPGalloway

    It finally happened. I've been chiving for 2 years just waiting to see someone I knew from high school show up on the chive. Tabitha acted in a handful of our school plays with me and many others back in the day. I'm so excited to see her here!

    • Tabitha

      What school? Montgomery?

      • RPGalloway

        Montgomery High School. Mrs. Ray. Thomas, Melissa, Tyler.

  • Zach Southard

    apparently I was a senior while she was a freshman in the same high school…and I live a mile away from el dorado jacks which is the 3rd pic she's in….small world

  • ANON chiver

    musta messed up on the pointer finger stache in #11

    • Tabitha

      haha I did.

  • Shnuu

    if she come's to australia, there are many chivers here that'd love to show her the sights!

    • Tabitha

      Haha, the worst thing is I'm actually going to Austria, not Australia… I think John got confused or thought I didn't spell Australia properly. 🙂 lol

  • mental_farts

    "but not before she gets her pilots' license and goes sailing in French Polynesia." – my heads explode.

    girls with ambition are the best.

  • walgaier

    That is the most worthless photo/commentary I've ever seen. The Chive is that you? If so you suck!

    • Paul

      Haters gunna hate

  • Dave Gogel

    #2 i want to go to there

    • lol

      she looks fat in my opinion

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 secretly flipping us off well done

  • Dazza

    Worth a squirt

  • Pxlnight13

    she went to my high school, one of my sister's friends…weird..

    • MHS

      i feel sorry for ya man!

  • some guy

    ha, i go to UT and i see chicks 10x hotter than her on a daily basis.

    • Conroe Native!!!

      HAHAHa Same here!!!

  • Sugreev2001

    Jake Gyllenhall is like "I'd Hit That !"

  • smg45acp

    How do you post a "Find Her" picture?
    I have one I want found

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