• justanothercanadian

    She posts in the Kristen Stewart IMDB message board.

    Still think she's hot?

    She's a regular there and knows all the other regulars.

    Still think she's hot?

    I troll there.

    • Tabitha

      No I don't sorry…. wrong person.

  • ;) lol

    I do not personally know her or met her but from what I have heard she is not all that nice of a person.. maybe she has changed but ways like that usually are unchangeable:)

    • Tabitha

      I am very sorry to hear that from a stranger, but my mother always told me… believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. I don't think I'm a bad person, but if you have haters you're probably doing something right. 🙂


      • Tabitha

        Believe nothing. Anyone can call themself Tabitha.

  • Dman2311

    The above comment doesn't even make sense, dumb ass. Well I do know her personally and she is very nice.

  • Brandon11

    I had Chem with Tabitha! She's super cool.

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