• ----

    weed and cudi does that to me too

  • Dallas Huybregts

    Chevelle? Really? Chevelle as in the shit-box up on blocks behind the trailer Chevelle?

    • Jimmy

      just because all your cars end up in the yard and are used for target practice or "guest houses" doesn't mean a Chevelle is a shitty car.

    • BrownNote420

      Chevelle is also the name of a sweet ass band.

    • StevieC

      If they were Canadian, the kid would have ended up being named Beaumont.

    • Soze

      My '65 Chevelle must be in much better shape than yours….

    • ss396maxx

      Whoa …. I happen to have a 67 Chevelle SS and it's far from a "shit-box" I'm sure you drive a sweet pinto.

    • Jak

      I think its a little ridiculous to name your kid that but I named my child Firebird so what do I know

  • HSoup

    Is this a ransom video?

    • iambigd42

      LOL.. Nice one HSoup

    • horrigann

      I lolled. thanks

  • davey


  • TonyP

    You're assuming it's a left-hand drive…

    • ak47

      No he's not, there's no one in the right seat…

  • BeccaB86

    I thought the answer was going to be "more cow bell."

    • OneClownShoe

      You are awesome!! 🙂

    • Huh, awesome

      That was my first thought as well

  • Todd Quickenton

    Another child ruined.

  • D.C

    0:25 the facial expression is very similar to that keenan kid who does the lip syncing videos on you tube no?

  • lidalida

    You said it, priceless!

  • whitey

    Worst. Parent. Ever. This sucks.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    i get the same effect from boobies….

  • YOU

    oh the healing power of kid cudi

  • BjD21

    The Chive: Making it okay for full grown men to watch videos about dancing and laughing babies.

  • Mike

    google "fred the raver"

  • HillBilly

    CHEVELLE…To the main stage!!!

  • cam

    Those parents have ruined their child. This is horrible.

  • trev

    that is awesome. i love kid cudi

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    there's no accounting to taste, especially at such tender age. she could be listening to big bird yodelling thru numbers and the result would be the same.
    cheers, beers

  • bettingonthecubs

    pedo bear approves

    • my charlie

      i would be hilarious if the camera panned back to the driver and it was pedo bear!

  • Gaucho85

    "Fuck it"

  • graeme

    Cleveland is that, Cleveland is the, Cleveland is the reason I'm cool. One of my fav Cudi songs. Love this.

  • Wolfram

    All the crazy shit I did tonight. Those will be the best memories.
    I just wanna let it go for tonight. That would be the best therapy for me.

  • iambigd42

    Chive, Please bring Lauren Gentile in for a photo shoot.

    • aleXTC

      I second that 😀 she deserves a second post for sure.

  • disturbed

    Cute but thinking the Snorg Ginger is even cuter today… Now bring on the DAR!

  • claudio

    at 0:52 she says "yo bitch" omg

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