Tomorrow: Shay Maria Part II (2 sneak-peak photos)

Just in case you missed it, last month the internet's most famous pinup girl, Shay Maria posed exclusively for theCHIVE without a stitch of photoshop. That explosive shoot here. Since then, Shay has blown to the moon but she still has a warm fuzzy place in her heart for the Chivers. Tune in tomorrow for a nice surprise. Hint: Shay donned a costume you do not want to miss.

Chive On,


  • kate

    i am a girl and……. omg, she is so fucking hot.

    • Henrik

      I'm a guy and……. Yes, yes she is.

    • Matt

      amen to that!

    • Catence

      I know right?
      I'm straight, but damn….

      • Jusnel Gonzalez

        still wanting to see your photoshoot

    • ROK247

      im a hedgehog and i approve this message

      • Lauren Gentile


    • mycharliecat

      agreed! 😉

    • fng

      i am a guy and I want kate. Any chick that thinks another chick is hot is hot.

  • jfeez

    I can't even close my jaw after #2. Thank you, Chive.

    • Wolfram

      that's what she said. 😮

      • Hoooooo

        Wow, that's wrong and hilarious on several levels.

  • Ty Paige

    Another way to make my day Chive

  • Moreno

    LOL..thats fucking funny
    and true

  • Hmmm

    I could honestly go either way on this. She's hot, but not very unique.

    • Dildobot5000

      You mean terribly average, aside from the sweater puppies. But to each his own, I guess.

  • joe

    who gives a shit?

    • paulhitchcock

      Apparently The Chive does, because they corrected it. Words mean things, you know.

      • joe

        The majority of us were worried about Shay and knew what they meant when it was spelled wrong… I believe your priorities are mixed up sir

  • Tits_McGee

    A birthday suit costume would make for a pretty good shoot… sfw of course though.

  • mn11bravo

    can't get enough of shay

  • Henrik

    In a bathtub! Set it up chive.

    • Wolfram


    • Lauren Gentile

      2 girls 1 bathtub? … I'm game!

      • Randy Marsh

        Lauren, the thought of that just made my day

      • ROK247


        • Anakrusix


          But yes, Lauren. Do it. Do it now. Do it for your fellow Chivers!

      • TitoRigatoni

        Pretty Please?
        With frosting on top, lightly baconed?

      • Geshko

        Capital idea! Make it so, Chive!

    • dasuperfan

      and make sure it's cold out to.. but they're only wearing.. nothing!

  • concernededed

    #2 Oh Shay..u know the way to my heart! obviously a path that begins at the tip of my penis!

    • concernededed

      and if someone makes a "short path" joke there will be HELL TOUPEE!!

      • Henrik

        You're kind off short tempered.

      • ROK247

        shortcut to disappointment?

  • Lauren Gentile


  • Senpai

    I'm not saying that Shay isn't hot, but she is seriously overrated. There have been plenty of of homegrown hotties posted on Chive. If anyone deserves a gallery it should be a fellow Chivette; not a model.

    • Whateveroverrated

      Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! When has Shay ever come on here and chat with people?

      • oh4fuckssake

        No one on this site is more overrated than Lauren. I keep waiting for the day when everybody just forgets her all together………. Soon I hope.

        • wtflol

          In what way is a smoking hot girl, with a sense of humor, who hangs out in the community and shares with people on here, overrated? Oh yeah, it must be opposite day.

        • Lauren Gentile

          Being that I love this site and have actually developed friendships with the people on it (because I'm so over-rated, like you said), that's not likely. How about you just don't view my submissions? Easy enough of a fix to your little hang-up with me.

          Sorry I've offended you by being an active Chivette! Oh wait…

          • AtomManhattan

            It's merely a matter of 'selling' other's opinions. I'm just not buying.
            You're clearly hot and all that but since I'm not 15 and have been around I'm not really all that won over by it. I guess I'm just one of those bored guys at work who comes here to aleviate said doldroms, not to oogle women because I can do that in real life, and actually talk to them…among other things.
            You forget the demographic you're 'marketing' yourself to…dudes who don't get out much that are impressed by women online, rather than ones they could actually meet and hangout with.

            • Lauren Gentile

              Well, I'm not trying to "sell" anything as I'm not looking for publicity, just a fun experience online. I did turn down Playboy, after all, because I wanted to keep a LOW modeling profile, due to fears of it impacting a future government career. I have my own modeling gigs, Chive is by no means a way for me to 'advance' as it's simply just a way for me to 'connect' with people outside of my work and school. If you think I'm marketing myself in a certain way then you couldn't be any more wrong as I'm simply being myself both on this site and on whatever other social medium I use.

              It's funny that you say that you're "not buying" me and who I am, despite being nothing but genuine, but yet approving of all of the other Chivettes (such as Shay and the likes) who submit pictures and visit the site as well. How am I any different? Because I am a bit more active because I legitimately enjoy the site? Why not call every Chivette out if you the above reasons are truly why you have such a chip on your shoulder about me?

              Just like you're a bored guy at work, I'm a bored girl at work who likes to visit for the same reasons that you mentioned. It's an escape since I have zero free time in personal life. You have to understand that Chive is about 50% humor and 50% chicks, so if you're coming to the site strictly to laugh, don't attack me for helping to promote the site's other 50% of content.

              If I were 'marketing' myself I would have a twitter, facebook, legit site with more than just random ramblings and amateur photos…so you are unfortunately incorrect in that assumption. I'm not like most models in that I do it for the sheer fact that it is a creative outlet, not a chance at "fame". I could care less about that, to be quite honest with you.

              Whether you "buy it" or not doesn't really matter, because there's nothing that needs to be bought (it's my personality, who I am, and I'm like every other Chivette and Chiver on this site), so I'm sorry that you can't just see that and be accepting of the fact that not everyone has an ulterior motive.

              • Winning

                Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren! Lau-ren!

                Still awesome.

              • Wolfram

                Great reply Lauren… unfortunately the Chive community has its darker side. Hard to ignore sometimes, but usually it's for the best. Still, I've been drawn into an argument or two.

        • iambigd42

          It will never happen. You will be long forgotten before Lauren is.

    • Wolfram

      So, what you're saying is, you'd rather girls noone's ever heard of than a semi famous model?

      Chive hipsters. Fuck.

      • Whateveroverrated

        I hope you were being sarcastic.

        • Wolfram

          I was replying to Senpai, and no I wasn't. Sexy girls are… sexy. And if they want to do a shoot just for the Chive, complaining about it is stupid. Not saying there aren't plenty of girls who deserve a post, but when the argument is that only fellow chivette's deserve a gallery, and not a model, I tend to call it out for what it is.

          As for Lauren, she's been posting really sexy photos on her blog almost every day. I wouldn't complain if she got another gallery here of course, but right now some Shay sounds pretty fucking awesome.

          And it's pretty damn hypocritical for the masses to shout "MOAR" at all the models and movie stars and pornstars we see in the FLBP and hump day and, like today, the no bra posts – and then complain that a model gets her own gallery. Especially when it's a Chive exclusive photoshoot.

          • Jessica Condrey

            Your right about that buddy ^^
            And gosh, Men dont know what they want 😉
            If its beautiful, take many pictures of it ❤

            • Wolfram


              Have you been neglecting taking photos for the Chive? Tsk tsk! 😉

            • AtomManhattan

              In my experience men know exactly what they want- to meet women in real life, not drool over some female online they don't even know.
              It's women who have no @$%* clue what they want. Unless they want to date assholes they're just going to bitch/whine/complain about, and make themselves look stupid, which they do ALL the time…

          • Whateveroverrated

            That's where there is a clearly a division in the ranks of the Chivery. I, for one, have never shouted more at a generic pic of a generic model on this site. As someone said recently, it's a community, and anyone is welcome to join, and those who are part of the community should reap greater rewards – such as exposure (in every meaning of the word) – than those who aren't. It is my opinion, of course, but I think a lot of Chivers – who have been here for a while – would agree. If I wanted to go look at pictures of models who never come here, or interact, I could go to millions of other websites or magazines. I come here because it's fun, and even the sexy photoshoots can be a fun, interactive experience if the person in them exists here. This website, to me is more about experience and interaction, rather than pics of tits and ass, and I hope it always stays that way.

            • Wolfram

              I'll concede that you raise a good point. However, I still stand by my stance that if a good looking girl, even a model who's not really a chivette (at least, that we KNOW), wants to do an exclusive shoot for us then I'm all for it.

    • AtomManhattan

      I am so with you dude. I've learned in my 31 years that there is always a hotter girl so if you have to pass on one- ther'll be a better one down the line soon enough. Clearly not unatractive, she's just doesn't have 'it', so I could care less. Much much hotter women on the internet elsewhere, and without clothing. I'm not 15 anymore so this is only so impressive to someone who's actually banged hot chicks.

      • Not 15

        Based on the fact that you have stated that you are not 15, several times now… I am tempted to believe that you are, in fact, 15.

      • That Guy

        banging your keyboard as a web cam model prances around for you on your own dime is not the same as banging hot chicks. sad that you would think so. Lauren is the shit. not cause she is hot but cause she's cool as ice and is 'wicked' smart. leave chive to those who appreciate it. the fact that you clicked on this post to begin with means you wanted to goggle at a hot woman online… do your business, wipe off your keyboard and move on to failing at life. you get an F.

  • facebook

    wow. foreveralone.jpg …. floppy boobs.

    her face is really nice though.

  • Stafferty

    Know how I know you're gay

    • lol

      What is, "because your name is "Stafferty"? Alex?

  • Ebiggz

    #2 orgasmic happenings just happened………

  • ROK247

    captain obvious called he wants you to be his 2nd in command

    • Jakub Wrobel

      Thanks Capt. Douchebag. I'll consider the position.

  • hot carl

    to see both you beauties in the same shot might make me develop a lazy eye

  • lidalida

    I'm being sincerely honest when I say that I can't wait

  • iambigd42

    Sweet Action!

  • Gonzo

    OVER-RATED..clap, clap…clap,clap,clap

  • Charles

    meh, i just don't see the appeal

    • Hurr

      Damn it, meant to thumb you up, not down.

  • davey

    over rated

  • NotaTrap

    Seriously Chive, how has this not been accomplished yet? Any chance we could also have a NSFW set of pics as well?

  • NotaTrap

    Crazy, but I also think about Shay when I am having sex with your girl…what a coincidence!

  • bob


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