Gadget Girl: Whistler Xtr-355 Real Voice-Alert Radar Detector

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The Whistler Xtr-355 Real Voice-Alert Radar Detector is a small investment
considering how many $300 infractions you’ve already racked up. Its Total
Band protection will make sure that no matter what they throw at you, you’ll
see them coming. Its simple icon display is easy to read and the exclusive
twin periscope alert makes sure you can see the detector’s alarm going off
without alerting the whole city to the fact that you’re using a detector.
With its City Mode you’ll be able to avoid the constant alerting for every
low signal radio wave, but it will still speak to you to give you the notice
you need if the man is stalking you.

All of this and the Whistler’s VG-2 Cloaking, which will hide the Whistler
from police, “radar detector detectors”, means that you can stay just a
little further from the long arm of the law… If only they’d just make
something that could cloak the whole car.

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