• james

    mad world was a nice touch

  • bigarmsclub

    Song is Mad Wold. It was in a Gears of War commercial

  • MacNCheesePro

    Watching all that reminds me of when I first fell in love with Mortal Kombat. I remember I didn't want to play anything else when that came out. The characters looked so real because of how they made that game. Way ahead of it's time!

  • RazvanK

  • Rob

    Uhh… No Mortal Combat finishing moves?!?!?!????

  • Brax

    What's the game right after N.A.R.C.? I remember playing that in the arcade when was really young

  • Haris

    its mad world.. im pretty sure of it

  • bisketz

    Whats the game at 1:22?

  • LazyTheKid

    This made me feel old…and sad.

  • @Gingergreek

    Believe it or not this video made me quite emotional…well I say emotional, more nostalgic but not so much for the games (which are awesome) but more so for the memories of my childhood surrounding those games!!

    Nothing but a huge thumbs up for this video!!!

  • JablesVanBuren

    This video is hilarious and cute. I challenge even the manliest of men to watch this and not at least smirk a little. I like the interaction at 1:49 where baby one is like "dude, did you see that explosion?" and then baby two says "nah son, it wasn't anything like that. you're crazy."

  • Jorge V.

    really well put together, but awful nostalgia…. it should end with COD or MK9

  • Haplo

    I know, and have played, most of these games 🙂

  • 2cool4skool

    Cool stuff. It would be nice if the video transitioned into the current carnage. Duke Nukem->Quake->Half Life-> COD etc. etc.

  • awesomeniss

    surpized it did not go to present day video games lol black ops campagne u can blow peoplees legsoff .

  • mtpuckhead

    Ms. Pac Man is still one of the coolest games ever made.

  • Jesus Pena

    mad world retro classic remix

  • Conor

    Wow, how its changed.

    From Space rocks, to 10 year old faggots sitting in a corner with an assault rifle.

    How its changed..

  • kassnarok

    No megaman? what the hell

  • JDub

    this is awesome! probably played 80% of these and now I really feel if getting my ass kicked and called a bitch by some 12yo on COD didn't do that enough already lol

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