• Chad Jabara

    so f*ckin badass

  • hans

    Meanwhile in Norway

  • Billy O'Neill

    that is fucking awesome

  • Fuggin

    How those guys got off the ground with those balls of steel is beyond me.

  • Terje
  • hans

    What's with the Gruber / Wiggles / Abba brigade sitting on that stone wall. Fuck the nords are cliched, group activity-loving wankers.

  • Joe

    The reason skydivers wear helmets is to make identification of the body easier.

  • Matt

    wow holy crap thats crazy!!

  • Nickincollege

    Why'd they have to play that song? Now I must resist the urge to join the Navy.

  • steve

    dumbest shit for brains stunt ever

  • raiderz76

    Two words…..BIG ….and ….BALLS…

  • Harrison Carpenter

    lol when they ran it again with danger zone in the background I about fell over laughing.

  • D3rASnG3d

    Holy shit! Those guys cut that freaking close!

  • Erik

    <a href=";siteId=185;afu =www.nrk.noa47nett-tva47indeksa47256957/″ target=”_blank”>;siteId=185;afu <a…” target=”_blank”>=www.nrk.noa47nett-tva47indeksa47256957/

    From norwegian TV, this is the full show… And yes we are crazy 😉

  • ccc
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