More animals that I don’t hate (30 Photos)

  • Israeli_Rob

    #20 is a badass Lecter dog! beware!

    • uberbrie

      Animal Lecter?

  • csh

    #27 Shiba Inu? Love those dogs!

    • mz3305

      yup, wife and i own one. They are smart and very independent

  • Drmzindec

    #25 Damn this is cute!

  • tommybhoy


    • trey-doggz

      I am epic win

      • testington

        first you get the money then you get the pussy

  • Benton McGrath

    #8 "I'm so gay I vomit rainbows"

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #3 grandpa! god damnit! did you shave your chest again?! at least clean the sink after

  • Anakrusix

    #23 – Lmao!

  • 0Bianka0

    #30 "Ooops. I think I just sharted."

    • Sick

      this one made my morning

  • uhoh

    #30 – "Come at me bro. Ah, wait…I take it back."

  • BigDingo

    #19 something very touching about the lengths people go to to help out their animal friends

    • BigDingo

      Also #21

      • Lassie

        #21 One LUCKY dog…..getting his junk fondled by her!

        • Ken

          Belgian Malinois….probably the smartest thing in that bed.

    • hossmank

      Poor guy, I wonder what happened.

    • GringosGirl

      animal friends? why are her ears being pulled! Did some cruel (prior)owner chain her leg too tight? What is the story!

  • JohnQ

    #7 Busted lickin' her pussy

  • JohnQ

    #10 Dog's lookin' at her tush. atta boy!

    • Wolfram

      What dog?

  • JohnQ

    #21 is that Eva Mendes grabbing the dog's junk? o.0

    • ROK247

      sure looks like it! the middle one looks like liv tyler. damn lucky dog.

    • Daris

      This is one of those things that should probably throw up a red flag for models about their photographer's state of mind.

      "Ok, now Eva, you jerk off the…good Eva".

      • testington

        I think that is Frankie Rayder, Liv Tyler and Eva mendez

  • Lucy Schroeder

    The ad in #12 is in german and says: "listen to your nose". Perhaps that means that it really smells like dog food to trick the dogs and get the attention of their owners that way. That would explain the poor dog's reaction 😉

    • Joe pancake

      Thats a really clever ad

    • GringosGirl

      I've seen my cat's run to the can of cat food being opened on t.v. and try to sniff it. My dogs get irritated at horses on t.v. (don't worry they are only 2 lb's and they are jealous of my time spent with my horse.) Obviously they see far better than experts say that they can. With no smell being offered these animals still react to what they SEE.

  • Mr_Joshwa

    #10 good eye Mr. Dog…i'm right there with ya

  • Mr_Joshwa

    #14 is wrong. funny…but wrong

  • Cherry


    Belgian Malinois ftw!

  • jim

    LOL first thing that came to mind was an album cover from one of thoses sappy jazz artists.

    Monkey G
    Songs in the key of love

    • trey-doggz

      blues guitar playin monkey has the blues

    • WhatWillBee

      These are monkeys in Thailand that are captured and tortured so that they 'strum' the guitar on command for western tourists. Its a horrible and cruel life for these monkeys.

    • GringosGirl

      looks like an ape actually?

  • ken

    #30 needs a caption:

    "Don't. Look. Behind. You." Or maybe "What you say FOOL?"

  • RustyxTrombone

    #21 Eva ftw!! lucky dog!

    • floscar

      Liv Tyler, ft…well tie they are all hot!

  • Zoey

    #19 Why did they make the bottom of the new leg look like his "real" toes? Does that actually help anyone? Can he even SEE his toes?

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      Elephants have been found to be aware of their appearance, so it probably makes it easier to accept the fake appendage.

      • Zoey

        Especially if he's actually seen it before; because an elephant never forgets!

    • P90

      Can he even see his toes? what, are you calling him fat?.

    • ashley_e_love

      balance reasons? so it feels somewhat natural to him when he walks?
      that was a funny question…

  • Zoey

    #13 is hilarious!

  • cantcme

    #21 Red rocket, red rocket, red rocket!

    • rodrocks


    • NotaTrap

      I thought the same thing as soon as I saw it.

  • Phil

    #10 mans best friend for a reason

  • jamie


    O, O "' wait for it ''……… and AAAAWWWW

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