More animals that I don’t hate (30 Photos)

  • Edge


    Oh Dear!

    • GK-4

      haha deer

  • Catence

    #18 made my day.

  • Rene

    #11 is total win

  • misschris

    I don't even know how to handle all the AWWWWesome in this post! #18 cracked me up.

  • Jay


  • BobSugar

    #20 Hello Clarisse, so good to see you…

  • The_BOFH

    #5 I LOVE Bostons! I raised them for years, and now I miss them.

  • Sez

    #19 Why the hell is a person tugging his ear so hard?! Poor thing's already lost a foot. Hope the next second the elephant whacked that person with it's trunk!

  • wolf

    Maybe if we tied it down so it couldn't move it wouldn't get so hungry.
    You can't do that, Dad, it's cruel!
    Oh, everything's cruel according to you. Keeping him chained up in the backyard is cruel. Pulling on his tail is cruel. Yelling in his ears is cruel. Everything is cruel. So, excuse me if I'm cruel!

  • Gabriel Burgi

    #16 – Hey wrong ho……ouch! Wrong hole dickhead!

  • That Guy

    some good movie presence.
    #20 pulp fiction #26 pirates of the carribbean #29 indecent proposal #30 the shining

    • JohnQ

      well played sir!

  • betamaxbandit

    #15 Cock block

  • hapa_nerd

    #11 is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

    • JohnQ

      u mean, beside yourself?

  • trey-doggz

    its time for me to return to my home planet now #6

  • iAm1-NAMI

    I never thought I'd see Liv Tyler doing animal/lesbian porn. so sad. She must have fallen on hard times in recent economic troubles

    Damn you you mortgage security speculators!

  • That Guy

    you might be right… i first thought of the gimp.

  • buuillis

    #4 whatcha thinkin bout?

  • Moby

    #16 is TOTES the Winner

  • hey der

    #20 = slipknots pet dog

  • rlmnofjean-ious

    You lucky dog.

  • V4vendetta14

    #18 The look on the dog on the right is hilarious…

  • Carlos SLB

    #11 must resist….. cant´say that…. I GIVE UP!!!

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