theCHIVE Exclusive: Shay Maria, Zero Photoshop Part II (28 HQ Photos)

Also, if you want to follow Shay, her awesome Twitter page is right here.

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  • Shogun

    "flaws" is what she said these pictures would reveal….please educate us on more of your "flaws"

  • DuroyPrime

    #23 made me gulp!

  • Billie Page

    what… i said she's pretty……….

  • hitbox

    just freaking wowsers!!!!!!!

    this is how REAL photoshoots should be done-un edited 🙂

  • Jason

    #21 Love this one. You can see who she is…… just a thought



  • dangerpowers

    Wolfram –

    My god, you've discovered a flaw! A faint, almost imperceptible line most likely from a childhood bike wreck or something similar. Somebody sound the alarm!

  • Kat

    I loved these. She’s beautiful and brave. And hot as hell.

  • DaveAmi

    Now I understand why they use Photoshop so much. Even a girl as super hot as Shay has some "imperfections". Thanks to high definition photography, everyone is made to feel self conscious.

  • Eugene

    Anyone else think that stretchmarks on a girl like this is sexy?

  • KMK


  • mark

    I FUCKING LOVE your tat. It's pretty kick ass.

  • hank

    way to turn it up to eleven

  • Jim

    Thank You…….Natural is much better. Beautiful

  • Der

    I admire the lack of photoshop I guess, but the photographer clearly overexposed the photos with this in mind

  • Ashley

    And this is bad….how? She's beautiful!

  • Guesty

    Who are you trying to kid with this "without photoshop" business? Just because they didn't photoshop out some of the cellulite on her legs here and there doesn't mean these weren't shopped. Also, just because they used some other post editing software doesn't mean shit. This is shopped. Look at this broad's face. C'mon. Stop it.

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  • ffffuck

    too old to use a pedobear costume

  • NuclearSun

    Awesome. Just awesome!

  • tony

    its possible that they weren't retouched in photoshop but the color and contrast was pushed too far in some photos. her skin is too orange/yellow with slightly blown [hehe] highlights. this was possibly done in…photoshop–specifically the camera raw panel. photoshopped [the verb] is now only synonymous with retouching? what about color and lighting manipulation? still photoshopped. Sincerely, a photoshop geek.

  • Sean

    i would f*ck her until my dick disintegrated.

  • stonedcrow3

    fuck photoshop! awesomely beautiful, more more more! i love those minor imperfections, it makes her perfect details even more desirable. wonderful photographic balance. just wow.

  • phoenixliv

    If you're not gonna retouch em, you should use a filter, or better lighting. Poor girl looks like she has jaundice!

  • ROLtheWolf

    There's a Pedobear that I can get behind!

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