These signs actually exist (30 Photos)

These photos and more at buzzfeed.

  • ashley_e_love

    You use too many words.
    Thanks for the really long ass description of what a hump is though..

  • JewFro

    #1 Hump is a railroad term for letting cars coast unattached to the engine in a switchyard.

  • McBeastie

    and yet even after all that, I will still only see the off-color significance to the "do not hump" sign.

  • Mort

    #18 – Is anyone surprised to see this sign in a state that borders Mexico? Yeah, me neither.

  • Larry

    Cool story, bro. You sound like a riot at parties.


  • iAm1-NAMI

    could be worse, could be public firsting. Far more offensive.

  • Junior

    #2 seems expensive

  • Rob

    #7 is in Hamilton, Ont

    • Bert

      My wife told me to kiss her where it stinks; So I took her to Hamilton.

  • ROK247

    i met him once. very soft hands.

  • Ian

    i can appreciate this comment. i am also 'that guy'

  • D Webb

    #1 actually refers to the practice of taking a rail car to the top of a hill in the rail yard. It is then given a push down the hill, allowing gravity to pull the car down the hill to the proper track for sorting.

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