20 girls sporting God’s gift to man–yoga pants (20 Photos)

  • Yoga Fire

    I really hope the Chive keeps doing these yoga pants posts

  • Dee

    I vote Thursday as Yoga Pants Day. who is with me?

  • Loke

    New Jersey

  • Loke

    Im with you holy hell thx for the thrll.

  • OhSomeEvil


    This should be a LAW, Women must wear YOGA Pants on Thursdays!


    #7 is PROPER

  • gman

    #12 needs a find her, i may have a boner for a week.

  • buuillis

    #6 findiest find her ever

  • Keyeh

    yesss this is exactly what i'm talkin about. MOAR of #8 please, thank you. One of the sexiest things about a woman is when her thighs are defined, as in the example above lol because U know that with thighs like that, everything else will be just as "defined", once again, as the example above lol MOAR plz

  • David Milinovic


    Holy Toledo.

  • Mike

    lawsy, lawsy, lawsy! I done died and gone to heaven!

  • Shockwave

    #9, #12, #16 are the best, but especially #12. Great googily moogily! 😀

  • haterade

    post a link to where they steal all thier photos and they delete it? oh chive, you so insecure.

  • juan

    #7 Good Lord!!!

  • Moe

    Because of #9 and # 12 I will be looking for nearest yoga class .WOW

  • alex

    MY wife wears yoga pants all day and looks NOTHING like these girls. The girls are the real gift to men.

  • Thunderlipps

    #2 is not wearing yoga pants. Bad chive… bad bad…

  • wztarheel

    #7 One of my favorite pics ever! Repost all want.

  • Frankie Muniz

    #8 looks like she can could leg press a Buick.

    Not that being muscular is unsexy for a lady, but DAMN!!!!

    Anyhow, I'd still let her kick my ass.

  • P90

    #1 #7 stunning.

  • Anonymous

    #6 #14


  • Non Tats

    #6 #14


  • BentWrenches

    #17 #17 #17 I'm in love!!

  • Philo

    BOIINGG !!!! gonna go sign up for yoga class asap

  • Bob

    #7 boner heaven

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