20 girls sporting God’s gift to man–yoga pants (20 Photos)

  • Busternut

    #12 should be illegal

  • Leo

    i'd love to pierce through #20's mountains. Oooh, dear lord.

  • Drew

    I've never been so excited and depressed at the same time. God I love these pants…….

  • smokey18

    #6 & #14 Who is she? Damn she's hot!

  • DannyB

    Holy hell yes!! She wins.

  • Charlie Cruise

    Chive please devote one day going forward to yoga pants!!!!!!!

  • http://hot-facebook-girls.com Stacy

    I love my yoga pants! So comfy i wear them all the time! I'm gonna go put them on right now!

  • Julio Eglasious

    Now…. Theres a neck cracker not a nut cracker lol!!!!!

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  • top dog

    #16 now thats an ass I would have told my momma about…even though it do look photoshopped.

  • http://bit.ly/dI3hcF Daryl K
  • Bones

    #2 makes me want to chase rabbits and howl at the moon

  • Sean

    #2 #3 #6 #6 #9 I think there should be a daily posting of Yoga Pants

  • Sharner

    Please find #8 for me…amazing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacob-Ebenhoe/184605480 Jacob Ebenhoe

    too much

  • Bryan

    #5 #7 #15

  • Lyddy

    Going to put this atrcile to good use now.

  • danny

    wow, she looks amazing, thats wifee material, im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    This just never gets old….
    Makes me sad that im a tall fat ugly man. that will only have this stuff from a far… Oh Well..

  • USMC

    Best. Post. Ever….
    Now we just need a post solely about Back Dimples….

  • dfas

    Shit, I know #14, and she's not even 17…

  • HiGhOcTaNe21

    im pretty sure they're called stockings..very sexy

  • Anonymous

    Thats wonderful

  • Spywith1eye

    #2 looks smart!

  • scudrazor

    god bless chive

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