Apple products that made the cutting room floor (20 photos)

  • evelyn

    definitely lol's at #14 haha

  • Simpleguy

    Strongly recommended for AT&T

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  • mtpuckhead

    #3 is a steal at #39.95.

    • Donald

      2. In My Life I love pohots because in our busy rat race world, they remind me of the uber happiness-inducing people and experiences in my life. For example, we have a picture in our kitchen of me holding a big fish at the Pike Place Market in Seattle at the famous fish throwing shops. When I look at this picture I am instantly zapped back to the giddiness I felt in the moment. Frame up the pictures that bring you memories of fun experiences. You can also frame up fun retro pictures. A few years ago, Jason printed a few pohots of childlike objects jacks, alphabet soup, and an Atari controller and put them in some black metal frames. It was an unconventional way to spruce up a blank wall. If you have kids, the possibilities are endless. (Check out Jason’s list of 5 Tips for Phenomenal Photos of Your Kids.)

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    […] Funny Apple mac photoshopped products (The Chive) […]

  • Pw1002

    Nah. Just think its funny.

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