ASU has an Undie Run? Awesome. (23 Photos)

  • newscot

    #17 need to see moar of this girl (without those two douchebags).

    • some girl

      how are they douchebags? they're decent looking and in shape?

      • mrmiyagi

        you must not have seen the american eagle undies they went shopping for together just for this occasion.

      • What? Really?

        Any guy with a relatively hot chick is a douchebag, unless its me. How do you not know this?!

    • kikiklas

      mmmmm… this picture is yummy on so many levels 😀 girl is super hot, guys are lickable (imho), would love to see more of all three (preferably in flagrante delicto 😀 ;D )

    • adam

      Hell yeah a HOTTIE U.C.L.A girl went into enemy territory.

    • @scratchysingh

      Agreed douchebags

  • rodrocks

    Now that looks like FUN!

  • zman

    #5 Hover hand!!

  • William H Macy

    Look at the tongue on #24…buddy if you weren't balls deep that night then turn in your man card-

    • OwnerOfYou

      She is definitely the best on here… seems really sweet with a nice rack.

      You know what…? FIND HER! MOAR!

    • Nazz1962

      #24 If I was that guy, I'd do an IMMEDIATE about-face and show her what MY tongue can do!

      • k-9

        If you cover his left arm with your thumb, you have the worlds worst two headed creature ever

  • Jonathan Prack

    Wow I miss college

  • john

    is it just me or does the girl with the blue bra in #12 come off as a lesbo…

    • Sean Runge

      I dont know about that but the blonde all the way to the right looks like she was trolling for a gangbang that night

    • notrolls

      Of all things to notice thats the one thing u see… Wow.

    • Schroonman

      yes, it's definitely just you you jack ass…..

  • lolololo

    #24 find her… she has nice bewbs

    • realones

      She's wearing The Miraculous, so they're really like half that size.

    • duh

      found her, she's at ASU.

  • Tits_McGee

    God I miss college.

    • Daris

      These broads would definitely necessitate me taping my dick to my leg that night, thus deterring the awkward public hard on.

    • mental_farts

      who says you need to be college to bang a college chick…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    find them, find them all!
    that looks like the place to be

    • Arnold Lane

      Done! There all in Tempe, AZ

  • marcochan

    I vote that Patty gets sent there next year as a reward to be the pace guy!!!!

  • Junior

    How proud Mom and Dad must be…

    • bobsky

      Yeah, because all parents just started out fully matured right? They were never young and crazy once were they? Jeez…ask your parents, I'm sure they have plenty of crazy stories!

      • Junior

        Missed the point dude. Mom and Dad are paying for this…again I'm sure they are thrilled to see their college dollars at work and I'm sure Dad is thrilled to see little Suzy with her puppies out for every horny 20 yo boy to wack off to….Jeeez yourself

        • Ryan

          stop being a fucking douche, lighten up.

          • chuck

            so which one is your daughter Junior?

            • junior

              Your close…I am 50 yo, don't have any daughters but do have nieces…yea I'm being an old man, hell I was arrested 4 times in college for various having too much fun stuff…get back to me when your 50 and we'll talk. Ok the Chivettes, I know are the same age, but I don't know…something about this made me think of Daughters and yes I will lighten up…Chive On

        • proudundierunner

          obviously you dont know the point of an undie run. it is a charity event where they donate the clothes off their back. what the hell have you done lately for your fellow man?? their facebook page currently has 3500 people attending. 3500 people that are willing to donate their clothes to a good cause and god forbid they have a little fun while they are at it. awesome event and I hope they dont mind my 24 year old post college ass attending.

          • junior

            Lately, I gave about 5k to charity last tax year….i know not a fortune but I do get Charity..have fun, I'm over it…had an Old man moment

  • Chance

    I go every year…never have been disappointed.
    It's actually May 3rd this year if any one is interested here's the facebook page:

  • Piggy

    … I need to go work out

    • fibonacci5150

      sheesh thanks for reminding me : /

  • kurt


  • ISU Birds

    Why no running GIFS?

    • Dan

      This is Things That Bounce Thursday, right???!?!?!?!?

  • whitneysouth

    Awesome is right. want to be there.

    • OwnerOfYou

      How's it going over there with pic #3… Patty's waiting lol.

  • buuillis

    and 6 years later, i made the wrong choice in collegiate practice


    See we really all just want to take our clothes off.

  • mattythegooch

    I LOVE my ALUMNI!!!!!! (go Sparky!) #7

    Then, I'm glad I graduated…………..#22

  • Nathan

    #24 dude wants to spin a 180 SO BAD!

  • Charlie_Cheen

    Wow Chive, thanks for making me feel even more regret for not going away to college…

  • wolfmane

    If it wasn't for the title I would have thought this was a regular frat party.

  • MigraineBoy

    I see a lot of potential Chivettes…

  • Kevin

    Wow, wish my school did this..

    • Q man

      Do you go to BYU?

    • Blake Ware

      dont we all

  • Diana Santos

    #24 smart girl..that way,she don´t need to run…:p

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