Cops cleanin’ up the streets one game of solitaire at a time (8 Photos)

  • Phil

    i am disappointed by these cops

    they should be on the chive

    • DCMOFO

      Sounds like John should have a free t-shirt bounty for the first picture submitted of that.

      • William H Macy

        A free t-shirt? If someone actually catches a cop surfing the Chive on duty that photo is worth a hell of a lot more then that!

  • alate

    well, at least they're not sending each other farmville stuff…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    in the lonely cold nights of beat, the only company a man can get are hearts, club, spades and diamonds

    • Adam Purcell

      beermonkey, I feel that though your comments are rarely spectacular, they are always solid. Your consistency is impressive.

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        thank you my friend. its the old "1k monkey, 1k typewriters", if i type enough garbage eventually some of them will be gems.
        cheers, beers! (sorry, couldnt resist)

      • krashtester

        Well said.

  • Charlie Makarov

    at least its international

  • Christopher Pinto

    they are humans just like us, unfortunately they have no internet in their vehicles, otherwise Chive on.

    • Sizzle

      Some of them do. My friend's dating a cop at the Univ. of MD and he's pretty much always on Facebook during his shift.

  • ros


  • DAR fan

    i live near windsor and that cop is getting in some big trouble. sucks tho would you rather they were asleep?

    • John

      YEahhhhh Windsorrr, I don't know if anything ever happened due to that picture. Im fairly sure nobody got in trouble, and personally, I don't care if a cop played solitaire on the job. In fact, nobody on this site should, you're probably at work right now, not doing what your supposed to be doing.

      • Sizzle

        Yeah exactly. I can only laugh. I'm at work right now and I can never seem to tear my eyes away from the Internet (Chive specifically) for more than 10 minutes to do actual work.

  • Terry Burke

    i almost got side swiped by a cop cuz he was lookin at his facebook in the car. kinda wish he did… i woulda made a ton of money

    • prankster

      yeah, suing people is pretty lame. especially over a car accident. just collect your insurance cash and be done with it, man. don't worry about all the money you could make hiring a slimy lawyer.

      • Terry Burke

        suing a cop for looking at his facebook page while driving wouldn't be pretty lame. it would be pretty valid considering that in the city it happened in you can't be on your phone while driving. so i'm just supposed to let it go and let it happen again? i don't think so, pretty sure i'd sue the city

        • so sue me

          That's Merica for ya. You're probably sitting at home (parent's basement) on 'disability' because your 'back hurts' from when you 'slipped' on some grease by the french fry cooker.

          • Terry Burke

            actually i' m sitting at work. i love how people assume that just because they are sitting in their parents basement and complaining about life that everyone is doing the same thing. but honestly i probably would have just complained to the department about it and taken the insurance money.

        • entitelement

          How do you know what he was doing if you were driving? All city money comes from the tax payers who would already been paying for any damages caused to your private property by an on duty officer. I must agree with so sue me, words cannot describe how much you suck.

          • Terry Burke

            know cuz i looked over and saw how close he was.

  • Vincent Pelletier

    sleeping police

    in quebec

  • Paul Maurice

    #5 looks like Boston PD.

  • my charlie

    #1 Chi-Town? Snow..check, parked in the middle of the street…check, earning my tax doallrs doing jack shit …Check! Yea I think its Chi-Town!

    • Joseph Gawronski

      Actually it's New Haven, CT. And they aren't sitting there doing "jack shit". The city, and many other places in CT implemented a policy of "omnipresence" which involves posting police throughout the city which is why the end lights of the lightbar are on steady burn. The idea is to make police visible everywhere, so that criminals will be more likely to be deterred from committing a crime than with a regular roving patrol. Studies have shown it is far more effective at reducing the crime rate and reducing response times, and it increases the public interaction with police helping with community oriented activities, especially in summer. And before you go ripping these guys apart for playing solitaire, how many of you look at facebook, check personal email, buy things from amazon, or do anything less than 100% of your job description all day every day even when forced into overtime for 8 hours? Now how many of you have a high likelihood of never coming home when you leave for work? That's what I thought.

      • Matt Dernlan

        I believe Joseph has won.

  • Mark

    Why Chive, police no get break time?

  • ROK247

    cops never heard of bejeweled wtf?

  • Bavarian Nougat

    You can bet your ass I am on the mobile Chive site on my phone at least 5 times a shift while in my squad car….Cops chive too

  • MacNCheesePro

    I can see the news headline later tonight "NYPD officers under investigation after a blog site posts officers playing solitaire in their tax paid police cruisers" LMAO! WINNING!

    • MacNCheesePro

      Wow, never realized I got so many negative points for this. I guess some people were on their period that day and couldn't take a joke?

  • bennyboy

    i'd be playing minesweeper

  • Dan

    #3 Hard at work in Onterribue

  • Jack

    Not everyone can dick around on their computers and post pics on a website for a living. Most people get hour lunches, and a couple fifteen minute breaks a day. Sometimes cops don't even get breaks, so let them play solitaire.

    • V4vendetta14

      Sorry, but NY cops are the highest paid in the country… and they can retire after only 20 years… I get it…their job is hard. But if they are in their patrol car, they are probably on-duty.

      I guess we should just be thankful they aren't out busting balls or writing tickets…

      • longtimechiver

        I turned my whole department onto the chive!

        and btw… new york cops make a very low salary compared to many other states…

  • fibonacci5150

    whatever, jezz ball or gtfo

  • zach

    agh, you beat me to it. i give you thumbs up.

    • Dissident

      In Soviet Russia, thumbs give YOU up.

  • zach

    i'd be watching star wars. the original trilogy.

  • 4SOC20saint

    yea thats not 'merica

  • @scratchysingh

    They Lost

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  • Jana Righetti-Brashears

    I was married to a cop and even he admits to playin some solitare on the job.. but to be fair, it's true they don't get breaks like most.. they typically work 12 hour shifts & only get 30 minutes for lunch but get called out quite often during then.. Ah well.. ExH is a Chiver too.. think he'll care I dimed him out? Oops!!

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