• Babybabybabyoh

    Bitches, obviously….

    • Nicholas Warner

      At 1:50 the baby on the left is totally telling the other baby the size he like his bitches!!!!

    • JOSHS

      They're yelling at one another, just like their parents do constantly..

  • zym

    Obviously the one on the left is guessing the one on the right's sock location and totally failing at it.

    • mental_farts

      good guess it seems so.

  • Edgar
    • dasuperfan

      that shit was pretty funny i dunno who the douchetards are that are giving you a thumbs down are

    • Nicholas Warner

      Oh If only I could thumb this up a million times!!!!

  • Anonymous

    World Peace, a piece of food or a piece of ass -isn’t that what all guys talk about?

  • winston002

    this is like infant Good Fellas.

    • Spencer

      Funny ya say that!

      Made this yesterday.

  • Dave

    theyre talking about the chive "yoga pants" post. Theyre arguing over which picture was the best. theyre even showing examples saying "the one with this pose was the best"

  • Donald


    that baby cracks me up

  • Arnold Lane

    World peace, a piece of food or a piece of ass -what all guys talk about.

  • disturbed

    Saw this vid on the news last night. First thing I thought was 'this will definitely make the Chive'.

  • BigMikey

    I think they’re speaking Italian?

    • Spencer

      They're speakin' Italian alright.

  • Edgar

    Chivettes and Awesomeness. They know what's important

  • URRR

    The one on the left is trying to convince the one on the right of an awesome business idea.

  • pjsupremex

    "did you check out the DAR on chive yesterday"
    "yeah that baby is one fat fuck"
    "yeah but he can kick our asses"
    "hed step on us like this"
    "i heard his sister is one hot asian bitch though"
    "for real"
    "we should send a find her request to the chivers"
    "then when we know who she is we'll get her animal crackers"
    "bitches love animal crackers"

    • OwnerOfYou

      You win.

    • moe

      too much time on your hands my friend

    • dasuperfan

      pjsupremex ftw

  • Joe

    They're conversing on the accurateness of Einstein's theory of relativity. I personally agree with the bald one.

    • MikeyMate


  • shrugtwin

    My twin brother and I had our on language, even a written form. We're in our 30's now and can still speak and write it fluently.

    Now idea how or why we developed it. My parents say we have been doing it since we learned to talk.

  • mick

    That right baby is constantly like: LOLOLOLOLOL NOLOOKATMYFOOT

  • David Laperle

    Gimme back my sock you biatch!

  • KalEl24

    Ask Conan… Or better yet,

  • GMeezer

    I have friends that are twins. They're talking about why the one on the right crapped in the one on the lefts diaper.

  • Lalo Teijeiro

    current situation in Libya and stuff

  • Herman

    They're arguing on who gets the tit next.

  • atxgirl

    They are imitating Mom & Dad! Obviously the one doing most the talking is actually playing Mom's part in bitching at Dad for not helping around the house.. The other baby has a hard time taking the other seriously & is asking it to stop.. just like Daddy.

  • Jimbo_Slice

    Im a twin…. so I get it. (I really am)

  • @harry__spencer

    I thought that was the best Rebecca Black voice dub I have ever heard

  • Johannes Bertuleit

    They talk about girls they met in toddler group 😉

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