• Ryan Wilkinson

    They're actually not -saying- anything. But they are practicing the verbal and non-verbal communication ques they have picked up from watching their parents and other adults. They can't understand yet that the sounds and gestures others make actually have a specific and accepted meaning. What they can interpret are sound, volume, and gestures. While it isn't necessarily accurate it is pretty cool to watch. Neither one understands what the other is saying or the intention in the message, they are just relaying back and forth that they are, in fact, having an interaction. Soon they will begin to form words and comprehend that those words have meaning and are not interchangeable with other sounds. You can tell who the dominant twin will be when they grow up also.

  • Man

    that one on the left is HILARIOUS. his brother is just dumb though.

  • DixieNormis

    Maybe they were talking about the how the right one is missing a sock?

  • VDub

    it looks to me like 2 old portuguese guys talking about soccer……benfica v. porto

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