Original 3-D street art by DAL (21 photos)

Check out more of DAL’s art at his website HERE

  • http://theanisette.com Daris

    For some reason I stared at it like 20 times.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicholas-Allred/100001071570874 Nicholas Allred

      As did I.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Jones/1163911408 Mark Jones

    Thanks for the epileptic fit!

  • Hoovus

    Man I wish I was talented at something

    • Paula_

      You're great at failing?

      – the one you love to see fail

      • Nazz1962

        If that were true, we'd ALL be happy

      • Hoovus

        FUCK! I just got Paula'd

  • b-ry

    kinda dumb. or should i say 'meh'

    • b-ry

      i mean what's so cool about what appears to be barb wire…sticking out of walls.

      • http://twitter.com/mrbrixon @mrbrixon

        haters gonna hate.

      • what is art

        Yea cuz shit, a 5 year old is talented enough to draw badass shit in fucking 3D!! Only barb wire to a simpleton

  • Paula_

    Oh damn so those weren't mushrooms I ate! Either that or WTF is happening with the last few images?

    – the one who doesn't do drugs… a lot

    • peteyroberto

      got your taste of positive thumbs and now ur addicted huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thejadepickens Jade Pickens Stohel

    #6 and #22 ftw.

  • Jak

    I get a hipster vibe from this art. Not sure why

  • DistractedIndividual

    I liked the last gifs, very mesmerizing trying to see the whole image.

  • Nicnac

    what's with the seizure inducing gifs at the end?

  • hot carl

    Daily Afternoon Loitering?

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #2 Is that a sculpture or painted/drawn art? I can't tell.

  • http://twitter.com/mrbrixon @mrbrixon


  • http://theyachtclublife.blogspot.com Lojikal Artist

    Its pretty awesome… This is definitely a fresh take on street art…. Its painted using lines then highlights and shadows to make them seemingly pop off of the wall… Dope sauce!

    • KaNg

      I thumbed you down just for saying 'dope sauce'

  • imbrovvn

    So #22 and #23 are sunrises I believe… That's so awesome.

  • McSgwigga

    amazingly awesome art – sweet post

  • mtk

    #15 is that table mountain in the back? Think this in south africa..

    • Stef

      Yes it is. Can't believe I've never seen these before. I mean I live here, why do I miss the good street art. Definitely going to keep my eyes open in the future.
      Chive on from SA

  • AtomManhattan

    First of all- this is not three-dimensional. ALL art should have the appreance of not being 'flat', giving it 'shape' and looking like it isn't just an illustration. If it's done on a flat surface- IT ISN'T THREE-DIMENSIONAL. For example- sculptures are three-dimensional.
    Second- this is some pretty ugly shit.
    Perhaps the Chive should leave the judgement of art to those who are better suited. This shit and Banksy's garbage makes me wonder exactly what you WOULDN'T call art.

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