These celebs put the drop dead in gorgeous (29 photos)

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 oh my lord, gorgeous! who is she?

    • lala

      Daniela Freitas

  • MikeK

    Who are they? Because, damn!

    • kevn

      #17 dianne kruger

    • A.K.R.

      Diane kruger

  • XOS2

    #3 #4 and #6 my all time favorite celeb ladies

    • b-ry

      couldn't agree more. Penelope…yummy

  • Terry Burke

    #8 no, bad chive, bad

    • pat

      #8 – i think i see a dick bulge

      • Tyler


    • 123

      So are you saying you wouldn't take a stab at expelling those demons if the oppotunity presented itself? I thought the same thing at first, "No Lindsay, holy hell". Then I realized that I would still nail her regardless.

      • Terry Burke

        i wouldn't, i really don't wanna catch anything

    • ROK247

      i would, no doubt in my mind. i would bring listerine and lysol and triple-bag it. but damn i still would…

      • Jorge V.

        I can relate to that, I think we all have been there, and every single man that doesn't, well he just hasn't lived

    • Keith

      Ive seen hotter chicks on the E train.

  • maxim2boobles


    what movie is this from?

    • mike

      R u serious?? Underworld!! Dude you need to get out more often!!

    • Rasmus

      Underworld (2003)

    • Simon James Law

      Underworld 2

    • funkyf

      Underworld. See it! Great movie!

    • mickeylite

      underworld 2

    • chiz niz

      you douches need to read the first reply so don't keep reposting underworld!

      • chin muzic

        Dood! Chill out, Underwold 2 is a good movie!!

      • Chiefs420

        I think its from underworld

    • user1991

      It's from underworld

      • chiz niz

        the dude has no dick!

    • john

      It underworld evolution, which is the second underworld. Not a great movie, but I still bought it for Kate Beckinsale in general, and more specifically this scene which I seriously hold up as the hottest movie scene ever, though I am open to arguments.

    • Dick LeGrande

      You're fuckin shitting me right? Underworld 2, watch all three of em, theres a fine as woman in all three movies, dick hardners all of em I tell ya !!!!!!

    • bbwFTW

      holy christ people you need to be more specific.
      It's Underworld Evolution.

    • Jansz

      underworld 2

  • з=(•̪●)=ε

    #34 all day!!!

  • buuillis

    there are a lot of repeated photos. that is a thank you not a complaint

  • aosux

    I just don't see celebs the same way since SC came into my life. But they are still hot non-the-less

    • funkyf

      I don't think there's anything that can replace sexy chivers…..

      Can you imagine if chive did a post on sexy chiver's gifs??? OMG!!!!

    • ostrichman1985

      I would rather sleep with sexy chivettes, no question.

  • mike

    It was hard for me to go past #14

  • Lauren Gentile

    #26 is the most natural, classy, and intelligent woman of the bunch…so she will always take the vote for me. Such a classic beauty.

    • dude

      except for the whole, supporting pedophile rapist (roman polanski) thing right? that's not very intelligent or classy.

      • Lauren Gentile

        I'm not big on keeping up with 'the stars' or pop culture so I actually didn't know about that. if that's the case… definitely not cool…

    • dasuperfan

      well NATURALly I'd like to stick my CLASSY wenis in her mouth that would be the INTELLIGENT thing to do if you ask me.

      • Lauren Gentile

        That works so surprisingly well. I wish I could give you two thumbs up for that comment!

    • Lauren Gentile

      …That was a picture of Natalie Portman before. I guess it's #21 now.

      • DCMOFO

        She is amazing!

  • G-Man11

    #31 FTW!!

  • Spaceno

    That's Kate Beckinsale – so I'm pretty sure it's Underworld

    • Josh

      Welcome to the game

  • Kyle Retrato

    #7 Dayuum!!

  • BigDingo

    #1 Mila is just incredible

    • llano2

      She is the least drop dead gorgeous of all of them.

      • 123

        I agree. Pretty? Sure. Anywhere near the same category as Natalie Portman or Candice Swanopel? Um, no… absolutely not.

    • dasuperfan

      i wanna put my P in her V and C on her T's

      • @Sanja_Knez

        Its actually "B my L on her T's"

        • dasuperfan

          FYI no it's not i would rather put my P in her V then when I'm about to B my L pull out and shoot my C all over her T's

          rhetorically speaking of course

    • Rion Axé Kelsey

      Great face but NO ass whatsoever.

  • Broseph Stalin

    Most of these pics are photoshopped to shit and probably gallons of make up were used. What's the big deal? I'll take The Chivettes over this ANY DAY.

    • 123

      Not the Natalie Portman one. Goodness gracious. That girl shocks me she's so beautiful.

  • Sean Runge

    evan rachel wood

  • Derka

    Who is #29?

    • PurexSin

      Salma Haiek. Half Arab half Mexican actress.

      • Jim

        Salma Hayek

        • Jim

          Oh and excellent knockers, see Desperado (Antonio Banderas/Salma Hayek)

    • Omar Hernández Partes Grandes

      You're living under a huge rock if you didn't know who she was :S.

    • jamie

      when i saw #6 i was like ooeh this could be obe hell of a gif , and then i was like wow this is a good gif when i saw #29

  • ohgodmoreplease!

    #32, that smile… gorgeous!

  • mn11bravo

    #21 so beautiful

    • Shawn35

      I cannot believe it took this long for someone to post Natalie portman on the comments, she is gorgeous. Could have used some Olivia Wilde too

    • ROK247

      check out the scene where her and mila GET IT ON in black swan. masterful cinema!

    • Chivemaster

      IMHO the most beautiful face in the world.

  • Paul Stavropoulos

    Pretty sure it's Evan Rachel Wood

  • Screwdriver

    #1 #7 #10 #11 #16

    Such tasty dishes the Chive has served today!

  • Alf

    #11 the only good thing about France, Audrey Tautou…

    • PurexSin

      You obviously have never been to France.

      • Chris

        I have, twice, he's right.

        • yum

          i like crepes…

          mmmh crepes

    • Catch

      She's so amazing. Those eyes and smile get me every single time.

    • V4vendetta14

      One thing I have to give to the frogs is Grand Marnier. So delicious…

    • Metallifux

      Google Melissa Theuriau then.

    • DutchChiveFan

      So you've been to France and still don't like it. Then open your eyes and mind the next time you visit please….
      A Bientot

  • mckylite

    who is number 20?

  • Josh

    Who is #31?

  • Nightmareb17

    Who is #7 and #21

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