Turns out the ‘Kill Bill Cake Mom’ is a Chivette (12 Photos)

A few weeks ago, we featured a bloody awesome 'Kill Bill' birthday party. Aside from the attention to detail that must have gone into that thing, what caught your eye was the really hot mom in the lead photo.

Turns out she saw the post on the Chive because she's a fan of our 'Find Her' gallery, where she was also featured. Her name is Barbarann and she emailed me last week. I have to say, she sounds pretty awesome. I'll let her take it from here.

Hey John, just turned 32 and I'm the mother to 4 and a Navy wife . & Obviously cake and sugar art is a pretty big hobby of mine. I decided recently to go back to my natural ginger self and stay outta the damn tanning beds. I have been a bottle blonde for so long and just got sorta tired of it. I'll be having some professional pictures taken in the spring and will be happy to share them with you at that time = ) Chive On!

~Barbarann Garrard

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