• Nazz1962

    This made me LOL!

  • Sheenfaced

    Since Chive won't show them to you, I will.

    ( . ) ( . ) <- boobs. Let's not forget what they look like.

    • DistractedIndividual

      (.)(.) -Little
      ( >)( >) -Cold
      ( . )( . ) -Big
      [ . ] [ . ] – Fake
      (O)(O) – Big nips
      (o)(o) – lil nips
      ( . ) ( . ) -Gap

      There, now we have a full collection:)

      • DistractedIndividual

        ( >)( >)
        Maybe it wont autocorrect the cold ones again?

        • DistractedIndividual

          SHIT! Alright fukkit!

  • Wolfram


    That made me laugh so hard

  • Wolfram

    U Mad?

  • Ty Paige

    1:06 was pretty great

  • ken

    You know what face I make when I come home at lunch from work on a Friday that also happens to coincide with April Fools Day (which as I recall is supposed to end at noon) and I see nary a cleavage, an ass, or a sexy chivette? A face full of both anger and sadness.

  • ashley_e_love

    why don't you use this time to plan your own awesome prank instead of whining? Or go look at the randomness… geez

  • Dan

    Go watch porn and quit bitchin' – this shits hilarious.

  • Ty Paige

    y u no get joke

  • ss396maxx

    Okay that was good… but once again I must beg you to stop the maddness! Please return the Chive and no one gets hurt!

  • droopaloop

    Love it! My daughter makes the same face as the girl in the Minnie Mouse outfit when I try to get her to eat broccoli. Love the April Fools Day food gag btw. How about a jello wrestling post? It's food related 🙂

  • steve

    Why is The Chive a food blog now? This is annoying..

    • ken

      Oh Steve…..

    • Cake is a Lie

      whats the date today?

      • steve

        I'm looking at the date ..I know what the date is ..and I knew it was their idea of an april fool's joke, but it's just so fucking lame.

  • Jesse David Embert

    I love how this is turning in to an Andy Kaufman style April Fool's.

  • Kyle

    yea – I'm done with this food site

  • Cerabix

    My favorite thing about the chive today… how sweet the tears taste while watching singing trolololo!

  • anil507

    Here the reaction is just the opposite in case of 20 month old Naaman Amer.

  • GRyde

    I haz big cheezberger for lunch, That make me happy. Chive…Y U make me so sad?!

  • rawnoyz

    I speak on behalf of all the Chivers when I say, we cant stomach all this food bring back boobs n booties! or lets compromise and have food on boobs and booties! please! that is all.

  • BeccaB86

    I was wondering what the DAR or Chivette's post would look like today, but if they posted a Daily Morning Food Etiquette instead of the Daily Morning Awesomeness, would there even be a DAR or Chivette post? I'm all for dragging out a practical joke until it hurts, but not at the expense of a day/week ending staple.

  • patty fatty :)

    i make faces like that when i see some people

  • Cake is a Lie

    You sound mad bro, umad?

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski

    I woke up feeling a little, let me say under the weather, cause I ate too much on a late dinner party yesterday, only to discover every post in the Chive today was about food… That nausiating after meal suffering feeling is still lingering after this…
    Good one Chive.

  • Poppin Fresh

    Haters gonna hate.

  • my5tika1cll

    Aight… Bring back the good ole chive or the PedoBear gets it!!! Whats that Pedobear?? *mumble*mumble*… Only the real Chive can save you now!!!!!!!

  • GivemeDAR

    I just realised it is April Fools day… THERE BEST BE A GOOD DAR . HATE THIS FOOD STUFF!!

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