Daily Morning Food Etiquette (20 Photos)


  • balls

    blah hahahaha….. chive is trolling the fuck out of us….and it is fucking awesome

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  • Steve

    Umm april fools post?

  • Cardno

    #16 is only really applicable in the US. In the UK and Western Europe we keep the fork in the left hand while eating. Tines pointing down and using the knife to push food onto the back. Means you are not scooping and so never need to worry about having your mouth too full.

  • Fred

    I must say that some of the replies to this post surprise me. Are people really so ill-behaved they get upset just reading an article about table manners? It might not be chive worthy though, I can agree on that. But getting angry at the mere thought of using basic manners? Strange.

  • Becky

    Someone apparently forgot to tell one of my uncles about #6. We were at a family wedding when I witnessed him pull out his pocket knife and begin to pick his teeth…right there at the table.

  • ScottMac

    The Chive turned gay for April Fools day. Not Cool man, get back to the T&A or else

  • Bubba

    #10 please blow my soup!

  • Jfrost

    I can't believe how many people got taken in… Wait, this is the internet. Yes I can.

  • Toader

    wtf? rough day Chive?

  • Avo


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heather-Kelly/1418521767 Heather Kelly

    This is not The Chive anymore. This is the chive, food blog now and youre just gonna have to live with it.

  • Ebiggz

    #18 Fuck it. Drink that shit straight from the bottle.

  • Rolis

    WTF is this, wow chive, loosing a lot of respect for you today

  • SpecialK

    Somewhat bad show chve. Not all of these are even that bad and how are we suppossed to enjoy our meal while following every single one of those ridiculous rules.

  • oughtnot

    #14 I'll turn my wine glass upside down if I want. I don't care if it draws attention to me.

  • my5tika1cll

    Damn… I never want to eat again, sounds too exhausting!!! Enough of the April Fools post Chive…

  • TheBiffer


    Fucking Americans!

  • mike

    what is with all these food posts today? weak showing

  • Jay

    dear chive, im kinda upset with all the food posts today. feels like i should head on over to http://www.shechive.com and hand over my man cards….seriously, step it up and stop posting dumb shit…on second thought, keep the dumb shit, just get rid of all this feminine crap.

  • Twinpop

    #8 MOAR!

  • Twinpop

    #18 Find her!

  • ydodonutshave2die

    lmao ppl dont realize its april fools day yet but really its time for the real dmr and dar!!

  • DaveAmi

    Yeah….we get it….."The Chive" is a "Food" ""Website"". April Fool's A-holes.

  • C-man

    It's your meal enjoy it any way you want.

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