Playing with your food is acceptable in most cultures (30 Photos)

  • Dub

    me again.

  • Sensual


    something smell fishy

    • CaptainObvious.

      Did anyone else notice that that is jackie chan?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #24 deep fried oreos…aarrrlllll….

    • @Sanja_Knez


    • bdizzle

      Doesn't look like deep fried oreos. Looks like Choco Chip Cookie covered Oreo.

      • incrediawesome

        yeah someone wrapped a oreo in cookie dough and baked it, I must do this tonight.

        • xXbeermonkeyXx

          whatever! any processed food with oreos… aaarrrlll… *drools*

        • Jason Ciotti

          Time to go shopping….

    • tarancara

      I think its an oreo INSIDE a choc. chip cookie??? there IS a God.

  • PointBlank_

    #9 you know what this sundae needs??? whip cream? no fag, bacon!!!

  • Rachael

    yum Chive, as an avid food blogger I totally approve of today's theme

  • the scottish stoner

    #6 #17 bacon…FTW

    • Superman

      Tits covered in bacon? As Homer Simpson would say, "Arrrgghh arrgghh arrgghhh…"

  • Crystal

    Am I the only one totally grossed out by bacon?
    #6, #17, #22

    • Samuellification


    • DuncanDexter


    • pavswede

      no, bacon is gross! But i'm vegetarian, so i suppose i'm a bit biased.

    • The Darkness

      Yes sir you are… and you should also evaluate the quality of your life without it…

      good day sir…..

      I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!!

  • luchagrif

    #24 Yummnom nom nom nom…

  • Ken

    #24 all I need along with a plate of those is a big White Russian! (the drink, not Putin)

  • Nazz1962

    #6 Bacon-wrapped boobs … hmmm!

    • riverjns1234567

      best invention EVER

  • Terry Burke

    #29, i told you to leggo my eggo

  • Jose M

    Just had a n #9 and it is D-E-LICIOUS. DENNIS is good bacon is Great.

  • jmac0585

    #25. Probably the best tasting waffle in the world.

  • GoForth

    #6 doesn't need any more fat on her.

  • dasuperfan

    #6 you got bacon on your flapjacks

  • Dagoth Wit

    #15 I'm freaking out, man.

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    I kinda love bacon & boobs #6

  • elboberino

    So much bacon….mmmmm….

    This has to be hell for Patty today. Unless he gets a cheat day and this is everything he's cheating with.

  • Jen

    #28 – Not funny Chive…. I had a friend that was killed by a Tic-Tac. Way to be, like, totally inconsiderate ass hats.

  • TitoRigatoni

    #24 – Yo Dawg, I heard you like cookies…

  • Erik Regalado

    #24 – I just came

  • Diana Santos

    #8 cute :$

  • Tofu_Ninja

    #2? Do Americans not put eggs on their pizzas? In Australia people do it quite regularly. (well, at least where I live…)

  • Pandakeeper

    I recognize the art on #26, but what is the vegetable??

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