TGIF -Thank God It’s Food! (15 GIFS)

  • Gordom Ramsay

    "It's fucking raw!"

  • moeshere Foxdale

    LOL Yall gone crazy APRIL FOODS

  • Pablo3520

    Well, at least it's not dudes in thongs again…

  • drksdr

    April Foods Day!

    fuckin genius! 🙂

  • TheHolyToast

    Horrible post! WTF Happened there Chive?

  • V4vendetta14

    I don't care if it is April Fools, #15 is awesome!!!

  • Juan

    #9 Falcon….. PUNCH!!!

  • Bud Ugly

    #14 has to be the worst gif ever.

  • MEar

    BEST APRIL FOOLS EVER so slick lol it took me like till 13 and it dawned on me lol

  • DaveAmi

    You guys didn't feel like coming to work today? Happy April Fools! Can't wait for Daily Afternoon Randomness…..Food edition. Yum!

    • DaveAmi

      #12 Still waiting………….

  • John

    Wow, shit selection, spinning toast…..a dancing pickle whoop de fucking doo

  • aleXTC

    WORST POST EVER. i will now never get that 3 min of my life back. thanks dicks

  • Guest

    #9 got served

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