The best local pizza joints in the country (25 Photos)

  • Paula


    • Paula_

      It's My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, which seat can I take Chivers?

      – the one

      • TylerV

        Fuck off Paula.

        • Nate

          Im with ty…kill yourself. I guess a response is what hes lookin for, so im just adding fuel to the fire…sorry everyone. #7 the drip on this is ridic

    • 123

      your a cunt

  • Paula's #1 Fan


    • 321

      your fag

  • jim


  • Ryan Cranston

    *Drool* I am so having pizza tonight! om nom nom

    • Guest

      hahaha, you guys are hilarious with all the food gals
      more food gals please

      • Ryan Smith

        THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! iv'e been trying to figure out why all the food posts. im like, "they are up to something, it is April fools" they are fucking with Patty!!!

        • PointBlank_

          i hope patty called in sick today, this is just wrong! and i could live off pizza #23 just looks like a slice of heaven.

  • Krešo

    As it seems to me, you Americans have strange looking and probably weird tasting pizzas!

    • amplidudes


    • iAm1-NAMI

      you are correct sir!
      I'm an american I wouldn't even taste most of them based on these pictures.

    • julie rush

      agreed.. most of these look bloody awful!

    • Barette

      You're crazy, all of these pizzas look delicious. Well, #18 doesn't look to great, but the rest are making me very jealous of those respective towns.

    • kent

      There always has to be a douche like you to chime in and make some comment against America. Your jealousy and predetermined bias clouds your judgment.

      If every single one of these pictures was labeled differently to say it was in Europe, you wouldn't say they are strange looking. Just the fact that they're American causes you to WANT them to be weird looking because you're obsessed with bashing the US to the point that you actually think PIZZA is a political ground to insult the US.

  • Kyle

    How about a Chive pizza?

  • Joey Donuts

    What? No Marion's Piazza from Dayton, OH. It's smack your momma good…

    • Flyerborn

      ahh what I would do for some marion's pizza right about now

    • dayton

      too expensive n tastes like shit. Joe's Pizzeria on 3rd is better.

  • Sanman

    So TheChive… is the whole food blog and food posts thing an April Fools joke? Common you guys could have done better than that!

    • ted

      tits or gtfo… come on chive

  • shwan

    10th, losers

  • Bryan

    damn, well looks like i know what I'm having for lunch!

  • shwan

    I noticed three of the pizzas were from Indiana, how do not have Mother Bears pizza on here.

    • PizzaKing

      Because IU sucks…

      • Wade

        If there were to be a Bloomington, Indiana pizza represented, it should be Aver's Pizza!

    • Zackula


  • luchagrif

    some great pies in this list. #23 looks insanely great!

  • ken

    April Fools to you too! You had me saying, "What the hell?" until I realized the date.

  • Roberto Barreiro


  • Rich A

    Indiana pulling up with the pizza game. haha. needed to add Squigi's in Griffith, IN

    • FuckOff

      Gotta throw in Generoso's Pizza in Bridgewater, NJ. Best pizza south of NY. 🙂

  • Dan

    #18 wtf is that supposed to be

    • Rob


    • Samuel

      my sack

    • riverjns1234567

      nothing good comes from El Paso…..especially chicos tacos

    • Derek

      My thoughts exactly.

  • andy

    OK, I get it, Aprils Fools, the Chive is all about food today! I'm just saying….if this impacts Sexy Chivers, there will be problems. Unless you incorporate the too….you know, a nice round tush with a slice of greasy pizza on it….

  • sully23

    Best pizza is in New Haven, CT. Between Modern Pizza, Pepe's Pizza and Sallys! #4

    • Mike Perazzini

      Everyone knows Pepe's Pizza is the best. Get Sallys out of there

    • <3onferpizza

      Soooo overrated and such a bunch of douches at Sally's. No reason to ever eat there. I'll give Pep's the nod on that wood-fired flavor. Modern's a bit to greasy (for my stomach, not me). There all for tourists.

      Get a mozz pie from Aniello's in East Haven. Better, cheaper and way cooler.

    • fool

      ok. ill put it this way, Pepe's was awful. havent had sally's or modern, but the bar isnt very high for new haven pizza after pepe's. they have coal ovens rather than traditional wood ones, so the ovens are much hotter than traditional ones. the bad thing about that is that everytime ive eaten there, the cheese was grossly overcooked. no, its not out of bad luck. ive given the place three chances, and its failed all three. the cheese is not soft, melty the way it should be. its hard rubbery, and kind of porous. it has the same consistency as if you were to take a good pizza and reheat it in a microwave. that seems to be a product of the high heat from the ovens. the cheese is just plainly overcooked. the sauce is also terrible. im all for subtlety in flavor, but the sauce was just pathetic. its as if they just smeared tomato paste over the dough. no spice, no nothing added to the sauce. much too plain. the only good thing i can really say about Pepe's is the dough. its soft and doughy and light, yet nice and crispy. one of the best tasting pizzas doughs ive ever had. but thats it. Pepe's was an extreme disappointment to me.
      I also want to ask: what the hell is with new haven calling their pizzas "apizzas"? its just weird.

      im surprised that theres nothing from boston on this list. Boston's north end is made up almost entirely of italian restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops, and delis. the best pizza ive ever had is Regina's on the corner of thatcher street. beats anything ive had in NYC, new jersey, or anywhere else in the northeast. i grew up on this pizza, and thats why i was so disappointed to when Pepe's didnt even come close to Regina's.

  • chriscantlose

    To the person who sent in #2 about Totanno's, thank you. I live on the UES and have never been, but I'm pretty sure I know where my evening feeding will come from tonight.

    • Bill

      It would look better if the guy knew how to not burn a pizza.

      • culmerbang

        you clearly dont know shit about food bill, go stuff your piehole with some papa johns and spare us your diatribe

  • RGH



  • Ryan Hornsby

    No one posted any pics from Alfredo's Pizza Cafe??? Mentioned in The Office, and it really does have good pizza!!

  • ely whitley

    15, 16, 17 and 23 win for me. The rest have either too much exposed base or are too dry or over topped. PIZZA needs to be moist and the most important ingredient is the tomato sauce. THIN base! (*if i wanna eat a loaf of bread i'll go to the supermarket!)
    GOD I FUCKIN LOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    closest i've ever come to fappin at food. good post.

    • dasuperfan

      I must politely disagree with you Chicago style pizza all the way. i think its a travesty that they didn't have Giordano's or Sam's pizza from chi-town on this list.

      • ely whitley

        I feel the Chocago style- while really epitomizing the sense of a 'pie' is too far removed from the idea of a pizza to be great. They can be too deeply filled which not only stops things like peperoni, beef and ham from cooking to a slight crisp-edged level as in numbers 10 and 16(thus releasing their flavour and oils) but it removes the relationship between the base/sauce and the toppings if it's too deeply topped. It ends up a bit like a calzone- tasty but not really a pizza..

        • dasuperfan

          your point is dually noted yet i fear you have yet to partake in a properly prepared Chicago style pizza. One which takes at least one hour to cook in a brick style oven. Which not only cooks the meat and dough and melt that gooey delicious cheese but to invigorate it with the smokey aromas given off by the fiery brick oven. The Chicago style pizza is dinner fit for a king yet prepared and available for every one and in that crazy paradox lies its greatness.

          • ely whitley

            The pizza you have described sounds delicious and, if I'm ever in Chicago then I shall make haste to the finest examples I can find-my mouth is watering as I write. I fear, however, that I must emphasize my point about the pizza. Italian wood burned clay/brick ovens are heated to 450 degrees and the pizza should take no longer than 4 mins to cook. It should be thin and easily folded and contain really no more than three toppings. That smokey element you mention is essential and, I'm sure, adds a beautiful nuance to the Chicago pizza but the whole process is meant to be quick and fresh like an Italian hot sandwich. Even the way the dough is prepared (using the palm of one hand and the back of the other so as to avoid bruising it) is all about speed and lightness. Make it. cook it. fold it, eat it. off you go.
            Its a technical point really, I love all pizzas and the ones i make in my own pizza oven are big and over topped compared with the classics but that's what I love. ENkoy your chocago pizzas, they sound bloody gorgeous.

  • kRam

    I know the date, and perhaps Chive is just trying to start another pizza flame war… but leaving out Lou Malnatis in Chi town off this list is sacrelige.

    • dasuperfan

      i concur although my faves are Giordano's or Sam's pizza

    • Skiingbeing

      Lou Malnati's is obiously a must for this list…wth. Chicago is world-famous for its pies.

    • rjmurreymay

      I'm surprised only 2 chicagoan pizzas made it on here. There so much more awesome pizza to be found around here.

  • Bro.Mariano

    Hello Pizza? 20 years living in El Paso and I've never heard of it…

    • Trevor

      I know right? Been in El Paso almost 7 and this is the first I've heard of it. I go to Cosimos in Cielo Vista for pizza, delicious.

    • GoForth

      From the look of theabomination in #18, I don't think you want to try it…

      • Trevor

        I went to the website. Thats just their Calzone. The pizza looked good and I'll be giving it a shot tonight. Hope I don't regret it.

  • Ricky

    Most of these look absolutely horrible.

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