The best local pizza joints in the country (25 Photos)

  • Shane

    Antonios in providence ri

  • Marco Cappelloni

    Ok, just looking, the ones that are more similar to what we call pizza are probably #6 and #16 . taste apart…

  • Dan

    I will note that there are no good pizza shops near central PA.

    • Tommy

      Grotto's in Scranton.

      • Dan

        Scranton is northeast PA.

    • Sizzle

      Dude, I went to college in central PA near State College. OIP is pretty good – they also have bangin' calzones.

      • Dan

        They're ok. Nothing spectacular.

  • Tommy

    How is there nothing in here about Boston's North End Reginas. Got to be one of the best in the world (forget the country).

    • fool

      it really is. ive had pizza from all over, never had anything even close to reginas.

  • Guest

    The Art of Pizza for Kansas City? Heresy! Every local knows Waldo Pizza is where it's at!

  • AusitinTXPizza

    What and where the hell is the "Cajun Pizza Place" in Austin? I can give ya'll a list of great pizza places- Homeslice, The Onion, Eastside Pies, and Mangia. April Fool's troll?

    • ATX

      The Cajun Pizza Place is on McNeil and San Fillipe in north Austin. Badass pizzas and cajun food and since its so out of the way its never super busy.

    • Muffin

      I had Cajun Pizza place when they first opened a year ago and haven't went back.

  • Sizzle

    God I fucking love gourmet speciality pizzas like this. Best one in my area is Pub Dog in Baltimore and Columbia, MD. They brew their own beer, too. It's like fucking dying and going to heaven.

  • Jay

    Now I want some pizza.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    it just dawned on me: this april fools is not about pranking the readers, its about pranking patty whos on a diet. you mean callous bastards, the man must be suffering immensely!

    oh, did anyone else notice that thechive logo has a stack of chives instead of the name? just thouht i would point out the obvious…
    cheers, beers

  • kengine

    #18 this is not a pizza

    • italian

      calzone is a type of pizza. this is very bad

  • pfulmtl

    the best post I've seen on the chive

  • Grifo

    Agreed! Damn you chive! Pizza for lunch today!

    • kashakesh

      I second that. 2 1/2 hours until Post Alley Pizza gets a visit from yours truly.

  • Jimbo_Slice

    Chivers in Houston… if you haven't been yet, go to Luigi's on Almeda. Best slice in town

  • jojo bean

    John's Pizza New York…best

  • Captain545

    #1 has great pizza. I highly recommend it. Looking forward to trying some of the others.

    • JoshC

      Imo, it is the best pizza in MN. It's a good thing I have relatives there, so I have an excuse to go there and try it often.

  • Debbie

    fuck the food….we want chicks, sluts, bitches & whores!!!

  • bdiaz90

    man all this pizza is making me want to open a pizzeria, I shall call it Pi (yes like the math symbol) I didn't see Frank Pepes on here, soooo good

    #17 #1 look delicious

  • trulyrough
  • Gaucho85

    Your lack of "Frank Pepe's" disturbs me.

  • GreazzlyBear

    Everyone knows the best pizza comes from NY

  • none

    …God I'm hungry…

  • Mark

    Thanks for representing the Quad Cities! Used to work at Harris. I still love it dearly.

  • Carson

    Sorry sirs, But art of pizza sucks balls!
    Minsky's is the bext ever in Kansas City

  • newlun

    i take an annual road trip around the country for my photography business and try pizza in each city and the best i have had is a place called crust in chattanooga. that definitely deserves to be on here.

  • Jewbacca

    Chivers in St. Louis – Black Thorn Pizza
    Chivers in Columbia, MO – Shakespeare's

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