The best local pizza joints in the country (25 Photos)

  • wztarheel

    Andolini's in Charleston, SC!!! Take my word for it.

  • Ruck

    I don't know we are talking about the best pizza places in the US when all of them are in Chicago.

    The only place in the world that knows how to make real pizza!

  • MikeK

    Las Vegas, NV – Settebello's!!!!!

  • Marco418

    I am glad Harris Pizza in the Quad Cities made it, it is a local legend that I can remember going to in 1973!

    • carlos

      This is fantastic pizza, and as few people in the Quad Cities know… There is now one in the Phoenix, AZ area.

  • Jimmy

    #14 looks damn greasy…..

  • Rob

    If it is not from NYC/NJ, it is not real pizza

  • Duaneo

    Cheese board is great, but Zachary's in Berkeley & Oakland deserves mention too! Damn you chive, I'm jonesing for pizza at 8:13 in the morning!

  • john

    JAKES PIZZA!!!!!!!!

  • Sadie1182

    OH NO!!! Louisvillians… where are we?? No Bearnos or Wicks on the list?! This is unacceptable guys. Wicks Pizza in Louisville, KY (also in Southern Indiana) is like crack-pizza lol!!!

  • shoestring30

    This is the most broke dick list of pizza I have ever stumbled upon.

  • NW Native Girl

    #15, I'm from Portland an Apizza Scholls is the BEST. If they run out of dough, they close the place down. There is ALWAYS a line around the place to get in. You also forgot to put in Lonesomes Pizza. Holy shit, I've never had such a good pizza.

  • EasternCanuck

    Some of those look yummy… others not so much. But should never judge a pizza by its looks. nom nom nom.

  • Frankie Muniz

    #22 is off the chain…. Philly finally getting some props.
    #24 never heard of, but is that french fries on the pizza? gross….

  • Nick

    Dayton OH Chives! I think this just caused me to go to the one in Kettering in about 15 min.

  • Rob

    #13 caught my eye oh man I'm so sorry Patty

  • Matteo Panzarella

    No way guys…!!
    Only here, in Italy, there's the best Pizza in the whole Universe..
    And in my resturant is even better… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Power is nothing without control.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Skiingbeing

    Not sure how many Coloradans on here…but Beau Jo's should have absolutely made the list. It was on Man vs. Food! Come on now.

  • Michael Scarn

    #16 Flying Squirrel, Seattle? da fuck?


    GAH! Any and all Margherita style pizzas should be DQ'ed. Come on people!

  • BobSugar

    #22 Taconelli's makes you smell like garlic for days…

    I get it now… this is an April Fools prank on Patty. Food Porn Tease. Trying to break his will, you bastards!!!

  • Billy O'Neill

    NY pizza is the best in the world

  • napamamascribe

    #6 and #11 are both amazing! ❀ the bay area

  • kazyctn

    April Fools aside, I contribute to several food blogs and have seen dozens of "best pizza" lists. I've got to give a hand to Chive for putting together a pretty accurate list. I've been to about half of these and sure, there could have been a few others included, but serious cred for finding Sallys, Bianco, Apizza Scholls, etc.

  • imjuliooo89

    OH MAN!!! ALL THAT LOOKS EFFIN DELICIOUS!!!! But, you have that one pizza join from Berkley, CA, but that is NOT the best from Berkley. Zacharie's Chicago Style Pizza is the heat!! Look it up. I do not lie!

  • NYPizzaGuy

    Gahh – how can you people even CONSIDER pizza that's not from NY.. I've been to Texas, colorado, Chicago, california, florida.. sorry.. it's it not from NY or the east coast. or if it's not scottish..
    c'mon chivers… finish this one =)

    • John

      While I disagree, the proper response is "its crap"

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