The best local pizza joints in the country (25 Photos)

  • Jim

    Tomato Head. Knoxville, TN.

  • iGaucho

    What? No Brick Oven from Provo, UT?

  • Mike

    dude you are aware that we have the same fast food chains that you do right? Also by the opinions of Americans I know, it tastes better over here.

  • UFHM

    BOOOOOO! You missed San Francisco's best Pizza: Escape From New York, and totally overlooked Berkeley's world famous Zachary's pizza…get out to the BAY CHIVE!

  • Rob

    I am from the Quad Cities and Harris is ok. But LaRoma's Pizza ( aka Sammy's ) in Genesel, IL is better than all!!

  • Hayes

    Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn. Your argument is irrelevant

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry, but this list loses all credibility by listing Sally’s instead of Pepe’s.

  • mike

    joe squared in baltimore is amazing!!!

  • SharkyShooter

    Bruno's in Oxford, Ohio.
    It's greasy, but it's sooooo goooood.

  • Jordon Busch

    Angelo's in Cleveland, OH.

  • Toots McGee

    Holy shit, am I hungry for some 'pie' now!!

  • obsidianflow

    Where’s Brooklyn’s Fascati?

  • buuillis

    #29 #7 #8 lol cute try

  • legopychopath

    #4 go new haven!

  • LongrodVonHugendong

    If you're in Portland and you don't go there, there's something wrong with you. I just went from six to midnight thinking about it.

  • @Pasha723

    #10 I actually don't like beets on my pizza, so no thanks.

  • Not Paris

    Wow, little town MN made it to the Chive. I think the April Fools joke is more about how you pronounce the name of the site! It isn't pronounced like Chive the food, but more like Archive with out the arrrr! haha. Get it?!?!?

  • Gern Blanston

    Buddy's – Detroit!!!!!

  • Hales

    What?! No Lombardi`s?

  • Jerbob

    Miguel's Pizza. Slade Kentucky (Red River Gorge). It is a pizza shop and a climbing store. Also, The Mellow Mushroon in Ashevile, NC.

  • Busternut

    #2 wins

  • theMorgue77

    #23 is AWESOME!! Especially after the heartbreak of a Royal's loss. Happens ALOT…

  • B-Town

    What about Mother Bear's?!?!

  • kualjo

    I'm thinkin' road trip.

  • PhenomTT

    I have eaten at Jakes Pizza, and I agree with the assessment, it is so far the best Pizza I have ever eaten.

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