The Double Triple Bossy Delux (12 HQ Photos)

  • Robinis

    looks like shit

  • bkfrijoles


  • chris

    FAIL! No bacon! Please try again.

  • IamWhoIam

    quit being pussies but some bacon on that bitch

  • Pipantsthehoboclown

    That's a pretty shitty burger/sandwich, NO Bacon, NO Mushrooms, Only ONE type of Cheese, NO Jalapenos, NO Avocado, NO BBQ Sauce, NO pickels, Meat condimented only with Mustard… why do you even post a mediocre looking sandwich like that? thats just embarrasing..

  • Dom

    Meanwhile, in Africa…

  • onebadmofo

    Really? Why? I'm figuring a lot of people are still waiting on the answer to this. don't hold your breath the answer will never come.

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