• Paula_

    It's My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, My Day, which seat can I take Chivers?

    – the one who hates to be first

    • Paula_

      Damn you guys are boring! I expected answers like "An electric chair!" to appear within seconds.

      – the one who is disappoint in you

      • et phone home

        I think everyone has figured out that to piss off a attention whore you have to ignore them

        • Paula_

          Nah I was just impatient waiting to see how creative Chivers were. I am disappoint.
          Thank you for your attention ❤

          – the one you can't ignore

          • KeyserSoze

            "- the one you can't ignore "

            classic. I thought this was funny.
            Haters gonna hate.

      • Jorge V.

        I'll indulge you Paula, you can be the next one to sit here, I'm done with the first one

        <img src="; width="225" height="222">

    • Smithers


      • JT71

        This is the attention she wants tho.

    • shogun


  • Steven Brown

    Food all day xD

    • RGH

      Nice one chive! You got me.

  • dea9

    Chive starting the fools day extra early.

  • PointBlank_

    #9 sums it up, #15 great ole beehind though


      ummm… photoshop much??

    • Phreaky

      Really? You couldn't even tell that's Rachel's face on someone else's body? (the butt pic) Turn in your Chive card.

  • ryan

    who is this? and why do i care

    • thomas

      and we have our first april fool's day victim

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #17 needs to be photoshopped, fast!

  • russel

    damn it, chive. well played. well played.

    • we all got aids

      #11 .. wtf? She's ugly as hell.

    • Birdhaus32

      I was almost happy thinking Giada actually did some photos only to be photo bombed by Rachel Ray and Rosie. Damn you Chive!

  • Sensual


    that got me hungry

  • @Sanja_Knez


    Not awesome.

    • indyfame

      agree … not unlike a #3 or #8 on your back in stockcar racing .

  • hater

    If it sounds too good to be true…

    Thanks for mutton.

  • Muchacho

    #23 Yeah bitch, work that shit!! B)

  • Frankie

    #24 i see what you did there…

  • dave

    you guys are dickheads .

  • Rachael

    Goddamn I hate Rachael Ray

    • Thor Mannion

      what did she do to YOU for YOU to HATE? calm down fatty

  • Sid

    Man, completely took me by surprise. #$()*(!&%#$

  • Chris

    Even when the chive trolls, they still come through. I love you guys.

  • Kate

    I really was waiting for a large number of hot women covered in chocolate, but yeah… Nice move, Chive.

  • Polishthunder

    Cold sooo cold, blasted April fools

  • Motofoxe

    I still lurve Rachel Ray

  • Louis

    Since you guys got Shay Maria to pose for you guys. I'm pretty sure that you guys can pull this one thru and get Giada De Laurentiis! PLEASE?!?!? 😀

  • Harry Miller

    I was all too willing. Next time for real

  • Tyler G.

    Chive ftw!

  • mn11bravo

    I knew it would be a trap if only admiral ackbar would have been so wise

  • todd

    Chive, I hate you this morning for this terrible April Fools joke…

  • CBDeadman

    Nice prank, now when do we see Giada?

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