• Anonymous

    damn you chive! well played

  • rose

    i fucking love that Chive

  • Dick LeGrande

    You guys are jerk wad teasers…you know that? I didn't even know it april fools day yesterday….until I saw this.

  • Nine

    I like Rachel ray, but chive screwed the pooch here,with the wrong title

  • Train2K

    Rachel is not fat. Real chick with a real figure and I'd tap that sh*t any day.

  • Ivana Humpalot


    Can you get Giada to chive?

  • Naz14

    Ok someone should REALLY fix the title cause thats definitely not Giada… or if it was meant to be a joke. You guys suck! I got all excited then bam, its Rachel Ray….

  • TickTockLocke

    My dick hurts =(

  • mith

    she said come on…!

  • Always Last


  • Ed (that is all)

    ingenius, food and boobies

  • Telephone Man

    I accidentally ran across her on Food Network on Saturday morning. Got so mesmerized, forgot what she cooked!

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