Charlie Sheen was just booed offstage in Detroit. Our buddy was there…

sheen bood Charlie Sheen was just booed offstage in Detroit. Our buddy was there...

First, yes I know I’m home doing nothing on a Saturday night. It happens.

Second, as many of you know, Charlie Sheen began his ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour’ tonight in Detroit. Our good friend James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly was there and has a play-by-play of the disaster. The full sad-yet-hilarious tale right here.

  • wmbdover

    Charlie's a loser, but at least get a few shots of the girls onstage!!

  • tdotbronco

    HAHA who stupid enough to pay and watch this guy talk about garbage

  • Finn McCool

    Its no wonder he even did this show with the amount of frat boy ass hats who jumped on the "tiger blood, winning, adonis dna" catchphrase train! Seriously, this guy need serious help and all he ever got were people cheering him on and seeing him as this person to celebrate and emulate!! This show was as much his failing as all these people who think Charlie Sheen is some kind of hero.

  • Danny

    Anyone who paid to see this freak show deserves to have had their money ripped off. If you know or meet someone who went to this or is planning on going, you know to avoid that person from now on.

  • Detroit Artist

    Thats My City!!! We don't like bull crap… specially not some crazy washed up actor trying to use his craziness to keep his spotlight from fading…. Motor City keep it up!

    -Eastside Detroiter

  • Sher Jo

    if you're surprised to learn that a chance interview which spun a nuerotic drug addict into virility isn't enough to sustain an entire comedic manuscript with, then you are far too gullible.

  • DanFromDetroit

    I really wish I would have been downtown last night. Not in the Fox mind you, but maybe in the Town Pump waiting for people that left the show to tell their war stories.

    /of course I live on the West coast now, so chances of that happening were slim

  • herdaddy

    Cocaine. It's one helluva drug.

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