Hot Girls in the Middle of Nowhere (25 Photos)

  • richard t

    #20 Snooki lost som weight.

    • Matt

      she doesn't look like Snooki at all. this girl is actually good looking

    • JPV

      Beyond rude to both, this chick is hot and snookie has no talent

    • Tom

      I would say she's more of a jasmine

    • aleXTC

      no she isn't

  • @chris_j0hnston

    #23 Braces girl is HOOOT…..MOAR please 🙂

    • motorchick1

      Cheese grater included.

    • woody

      yeah, why don't you suck on my… OHMAIGAAAWD NOOOOOO!!!!!

    • Guest

      Is that a girl? I thought it was a blow-up doll.

    • Stephanie M

      my friend hooked up with her. shes from tulsa

    • rooster66`

      She's orange. Lay off the carrots.

    • it'sme

      I guess you guys monitors must be better than mine, I can't see braces on 23 but i can see a landing strip. she's still f**kn hot though

    • Guest Commenter

      There are no braces on 23 and that is Nikki Sims (a.k.a Next Door Nikki). Google either name. . . and enjoy.

  • metalcool36

    Hot girls in the middle of nowhere, eh??? Hmmmm…. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

    • -KhmerStory-

      Yerp I love the Chive!

  • Random

    #22 hump day candidate

    • I like nan

      I was going to say, if she was running in front me of I'd finish a marathon no sweat!

    • xxxx

      that there… that's something…
      the winner in this post

    • mattg

      hump day? This chick needs her own day period, find her!

    • Josh

      hump day or mind that gap.

      • Dick LeGrande

        Flat as a fuckin pancake!!

    • Random fag

      Why do you always have like 8 fags in tow?

  • Mark

    I was going to ask if anyone felt wrong for looking at #23 after seeing the braces. apparently one guy didn't. #16 is one of the best overall pics I've seen and the girl in the t-back doesn't hurt one bit.

    • easy

      i don't feel wrong at all. braces never hurt anybody.

    • CFF

      Now I'm confused… Where is this girl with braces? Why does Chive keep changing the pictures? I wanna see the original post!

  • iSeeDumbPeople

    #11 BOOM! I'm in love

    • COCO

      No, you are not. You think you are in love, but it is just your penis talking and not your brains thinking.

      • Glenn_Coco

        It's not our fault. We were only created with enough blood to run one at a time.

        • deasy

          it's true. there was a guy with elephantitis in his penis and he died when he got a giant erection.

  • iSeeDumbPeople

    #6 Sexy Chiver Whitney??

    • whitneysouth

      Nah #7 is me.
      And #21 is my friend Hayley. She's coo.

  • the frenchman

    #16 in HQ please

  • mali_sapun

    #25 Wow!

    • COCO

      Wow too, just a mess. The car need some serious repairs and a different paint color.

  • Dante

    #7 Really Love cycling….;)

  • Shawn35

    #15 would be great from the other side and #22, yeah, thats the look

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 and #11 look super hot

  • Dub


  • Jay Cue

    #23 and yes even with the full metal jacket!

  • Jonathan

    #12 She's so freakin hot! Awesome.

  • DaMan


    • Lightbulb


      • DaddyD

        My motto … "never assume homosexuality when stupidity or a lack of taste provides an adequate explanation."

  • Aytchie Jansen

    Dear Chive, 13 year old girls aren't what I'd call "hot". #23

    • lolol

      they are if you're 15
      …and on the internets, no one knows you're 42

  • cherylbirch

    meh…. Braces and crappy tattoos don't do it for me. "Braces" is not attractive, BTW.

  • LSU LabRat

    #13 Can we be friends?

    • Roscoe

      Awesome picture!

  • Cedric Schlosser

    #4 Oh, look – beer!
    #10 Oh Lordi..

  • majorfathead


    • anti-coco

      Where are the cats? Oh yea – they sux. CHIVE PLEASE STOP THE CATS.

  • Jermal_UoG

    #22 MOAR, please MOAR!

    • lolol

      why the thumbs down?
      i support the petition for MOAR… +5

  • tdr

    Nothing as hot as real amateur girls … oh yeah, send me #14

    • comando

      Location looks like Baby Beach, Aruba.

  • boatdrinks4u2

    well good morning chive!!! i didn't think i would be able to peel my eyes open with the morning hangover i earned last night… thanks for the help!

  • try2find

    #1 #8 like as freedom

    #4 hot body

    #6 #15 so seductive

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