A few GIFS to kickstart this momentous week

  • killa

    Little nigga with the Fruit Loops tho!

    • The_BOFH

      Let's keep it clean here @ theChive!

      • trippin

        what was dirty about that post? +1

  • Stevo

    #11 needs to turn in his man card

  • GK-4

    surprised people are staying so quiet 'bout this one #7

  • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

    #7Great save!!

  • misschris

    #10 – I didn't see that coming…

  • Gary

    What's going on in #7 then? Is the adult cheating?

    • Ogre

      No, he pulled the batter out of the box so the runner on the same team didnt run him over. Alot of umps pull the kids out. This one is hilarious cuz he BEASTED the kid

  • jamie

    it's called adrenalin not greed, and im athiest as hell so dont even start.

    • dean

      so you believe in hell do ya haha

  • The_BOFH

    Anyone else not able to get past #5?

    • ScottMac

      I did not even know there was anything after #5. Went straight to the comment section to see if there was a post about who she was and where she was naked. DAMN I LOVE thechive

      • kayakcullen

        I believe its from Van Wilder Freshman Year. Not sure of the name though.

  • Marcel

    Hi Chive,

    I think it is innapropriate to have the gif #3. The contestant shown is Samuel Koch and he insured his spine in this accident severely and was in a Koma for a long time and will remain a paraplegic. The show was live on Dec 4th on the German Television show “Wetten Dass”. Please do the right thing and don’t let people watch his horrific accident.


  • AsHole

    I didn't know what happened. And frankly I dont really care.

    • Telefrag

      your name is program 😀

  • dfs

    #8 Am worried about the splinters?

  • Jessica Condrey

    #10 Like a Lizard :p

  • Alf

    #9 is just AWESOME ! ! !

  • TylerV

    #11 Why I hate soccer.

  • Grim

    That doesn't stop a man like him from laughing.

    • Jesse Waters

      Does if you are dead.

  • Raymond

    I think #4 should be removed. Bowser and a princess were murdered.

  • Train2K

    #12 Boy I used to hate those 2 gallon jugs too. Friggin things were unwieldy…lol

  • mike

    I agree as well, please rremove #3
    Thank you

  • Twinpop


    Why remove it? It's funny! The ultimate FAIL!

  • emily


    OMG so funny

  • Colby

    Where does #5 come from? O_o

    • kayakcullen

      Van Wilder Freshman Year. Not sure of the name though.

  • Homer Simpson

    #11 Typical soccer player. You barely touch em and they fall down like they've been shot. Probably just habit.

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