Merica’s largest invention factory (11 photos)

Located in Pittsburg, PA, Inventionland churns out over 2,000 inventions per year. Over 900 different retailers and online stores are selling or have sold products that were invented and developed by the staff of "creationeers" who work inside this inspirational factory consisting of 16 uniquely themed sets. Check out their corpo website HERE to learn more.

  • Ebiggz

    My job is almost as awesome as this. I get paid to play video games, text message and look at porn all day.

  • Jimmy

    my job fucking sucks…

    • Dan

      Your one to talk! I work in a call centre!

      • Jimmy

        im sorry =/

  • Meredith Long

    I might be able to stand an office job is it were there.

  • inventionlandsucks

    I'm a former employee, and those pictures are all staged. It was THE WORST place I have ever worked in my life! The "inventions" are simply rip offs of already existing products, sometimes they just take two pieces of crap and slap them together to make one big piece of crap. The employees are underpaid, undervalued, and shuffled out the door if they have an opinion of their own. Google "Davison Fraud" or "Davison ripoff" to learn more about the LEAST innovative company on the planet. The owner simply spent grandpa's money to make a big play land and show it off to his other rich friends. DON'T BE FOOLED. And those pictures were taken 5 years ago or more. No one in them works there anymore.

  • Pete Meir

    I'm a former Inventionland slave too. Place is a facade..It's all FAKE and staged. You must be at your desk at 6am SHARP or they write you up just like in high school. You are way underpaid, there is NO heat or AC in that building. Nothing is built to code. The CEO tells you the company has NO money for raises but he buys a new Jaguar and H2 Hummers for the Sales guys. It is the worst place and most uncreative place I've ever worked. Google Davidson and you'll read more bad then good. The pics up are old! Very old. Worst place I've ever worked! Don't buy into it…

  • Sam Sandora

    Hey Leo
    They sure tricked you..this place is a SWEAT shop. Google Davison Design or George Davison and read about all the lawsuits and scams..I know I used to work there until I got my head screwed on right and got the hell out! What a nightmare. Most uncreative and artist non friendly place. They actually have people walk around to make sure you are sitting at your desk. Its all a farce. We had to get the CEO to sign off to order a box of blue pencils. Everything in there is not built to code. God forbid a fire breaks out, there are NO sprinklers in the place. STAY AWAY !!!

    • Schmorge Mavison

      Dam Sam, you quit! Hell yeah!!!!

  • Pete Meir

    Don't do it.. You'll regret it.. trust me..STAY AWAY

    • mase


  • 2cool4skool

    I neeed to work here. I think I'll invent one where I live.

  • Schmorge Mavison

    Dam, they still using the pictures from 1999. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Guess i gotta put in my two sense. This place is very real, and very gay. LAB COATS! Come on! He (my former boss) is the least creative person in the building. And the D-Bag staring into the big ass CRT monitor with the white shirt on the pirate ship has breath that smells like the CEO's buttcheeks. This place is a joke. If it were just a regular company with cubicles then maybe the employees would be making the right wages instead of the money going into the Treehouse remodeling and racetrack repairs.
    This place will haunt me for the rest of my life, not cause i used to work there, but because everyoen on the outside looking in thinks its amazing. Take a tour, yes a tour, and make all the employees have to run and throw on their lab coats when "Code White" is screamed.
    Avoid at all cost or get a taste of what corporate butt licking looks like.

  • Schmorge Mavison

    Its like a Davison reunion for all the peoples time they wasted. I cant wait till Oshea shuts that place down. Only a matter of time cause he cant keep hiding all the problems when they come. They need to do a sneak attack.

  • Moose

    Where in Pittsburgh, yes with an h, is this?

    • Pete Meir

      RIDC PARK just off 28 north off Pittsburgh… That place is a living hell. Don't be fooled by it.

  • dbagdbag

    took a tour there, surprisingly a depressing place and kind of creepy

  • OneClownShoe

    I do not see The Chive on any computer here. Fix it!

  • Jovica BaBa TaTic

    You can also call it '' the virginity factory'' 😀

  • moeshere Foxdale


  • CalculatedRisk
  • John Strong

    This song is awesome. Needs to be listened to. Goal make it more popular than "Its Friday" by Rebecca Black

  • northerner

    Right on, Clint! As a native PittsburgHer, I abhor the absent "H"! We PittsburgHers are around the world, we are everywhere! Our paths may have led us away from our hometown for many reasons, but we are still PittsburgHers! Come on Chive!

  • yankWUdb23

    where is this at in pittsburgh? i live like an hour away. if someone knows let me know

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    Is it just me, or are there no pictures listed here?

  • Wayne

    watchout for this place especially if you want to invent something. they are NOT the place to go. yes they have invented a few things but compared to what they didn't invent, you will know you were ripped off by the time they are done with you and you will understand where they get their money from to make this place. becareful who you promote Chive, this is not a good place!

  • yankWUdb23

    i gotcha. ill have to look for it next time im up that way

  • Schmorge Mavison

    i remember going to the bar and accidentally bumping into some of the sales guys. We went there for happy hour and im like "dammit" cause i cant stand a man in a suit. Just reminds me of frat boys who went to college, got wasted, and can only be in business cause all you have to do is kiss ass and look good to get ahead. But i worked in the other building (theres 2 buildings, one for designers and one for suits/sales) My female coworkers were trying to get the guy to buy them a drink and im like dont talk to him and if you dont tell him we work in the other building. She did anyway and this loud A-hole comes over like " you guys work for (wont say the name, they are sue happy at this company), im like yeah. So the guy goes on to tell us how much he loves being a sales guy and how its so fun to screw people out of their money and how they dont call the people back a lot of times and how they laugh at the messages people leave when they just spent 10 grand and cant receive a call back about their product. Im just disgusted at this dude yet we all know everything about this company through the magical powers of the internet (they have actual court documents online with the CEO lying about which school he went to) Then this other creepy director sales guy was trying to hit on all the girls at my table, kept telling us that he was a VP and tried to steal my chair.
    Basically, no aspect of that company is good. There is probably someone in marketing reading every comment thats made on here like "these guys are upset, get a life". So funny! My life started once i left that place.

  • Ryan Wilkinson

    It doesn't look like a single one of them is actually happy. Really imagine having to work there day in and day out. The cutesy scenery would only be a distraction for a few days and then it would seem like the same. If it was constantly changing with new ideas and backdrops then that would definitely be awesome.

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