Hot Right Now: The weekend is in sight, now we just DGAF (45 Photos)

When it comes to ‘Find Her’, we graduated with honors (30 Photos)

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The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Swarley

    #20 #23 #26 #29 #30

  • @YoungCosby

    In regards to #22 , it's kind of frustrating that the pictures that are posted of African-American people are dam near always disrespectful in natures, but for all other races it's usually nothing wrong with them.

  • AdamBaldick

    I guess I chose the wrong profession, should have been LG's photographer. Once again Lauren, youre so hot.. Love the new blog

  • Dark Star

    #2 is Nicki Minaj, i would recognize her anywhere, i actually suggested a gallery for her a few months ago but nobody listened….

    • @YoungCosby

      That is not Nicki Minaj. #FINDHERFAIL

  • Malmon

    #1 is angel locsin?



  • neXx

    – wow @ #9 #17 #19

  • TBoyce

    #18 #23 #30 !!!

  • Khaqan Javaid

    who in the world wants #22 found? & why?!

  • daxuomovolante

    #24 she is Rio Michelle…

  • Ccs

    #16 is strangely beautiful. Find her please!

  • ramen

    her guns too big if thats anetta keys but she looks like her though

  • chivette

    #19 getting my tattooed chick fix on the chive today lol

  • julie rush

    then kill it with fire

  • Guest
  • dfgf

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  • sean guckian

    tanya perrin?ohio

    • sean guckian

      pic number 8

  • chivelikesbait

    It seems someone on the chive team browses /r/jailbait ala` #25

  • wolf

    #26 needs to be found

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  • Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

    #7 Pleaaaase, she's the one with the "golden proportion"

  • ozzy

    #17 #20 & #30 <3333 PLease!

  • Moony

    Yup, I did an Image search to double-check just in case.

  • Always Last


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