Your hips don’t lie (29 photos)

  • Mike Honcho

    The Chive is a think-tank of frigg'n awesome.

    I mean, come on, a hot "hips" thread? Dad Gum Genius!

    • Flicka

      I agree but there was a lot of bare pelvis bone in that post.

      • lolol

        i agree… plus, no shakira or salma hayek in the post… wtf?

    • Woops+

      I'm not a fan of the protruding hip bones (eat a cheeseburger for god's sake) but I can't get enough of the lovely lower abdomen…between the navel and paradise.
      Great Post Chive.

    • Bordo

      Best. Post. Ever.

      • RGH


    • Tush

      genius? all these images are ripped from

      • fibonacci5150

        and made popular on The Chive. Genius

      • its_forge

        And all *those* images come from other sites as well!! When will you people realize there's nothing original on the web – it's A WEB.

    • Drewcifer

      This is how you make a FIRST post. Well done Mike. 🙂

    • northerner


    • Jakehole

      theChive, it is time for another hips post.

  • Afadfasd


  • WinningChiver

    #29 Nice toe…

    • Dirty Dingus

      Also #5.

    • Your Face

      Holy Santa Claus shit Batman!

    • Poontangler

      There's been a repeated stabbing at the corner of Conception Canyon and Fuzzy Gulch.

    • Ben

      Nom nom nom…

    • Nigel

      Oh dear god…I have a new fetish…Holy shit…

    • Tush
    • Michael

      still waiting for the c.toe post!!

  • Guse

    I'm not sure that the last one (#29) has anything to do with hips, but I approve nonetheless!

  • mud


  • Ebiggz

    #27 Munch time? Oh i think so.

    • Elbow

      It's what's for dinner!

      • Harold

        The jailbait is what's for dinner.

    • DaddyD

      Yeah, that was my first thought as well.

    • Evelyn

      jail bait porn? hmm

    • Beldar

      Shouldn't she be facing the other way for diving?

  • dave



  • onecalledsam

    #8 Still trying to catch my breath…..

    • Username Taken


    • fact checker

      playboy playmate ashley lowe i think.

    • Tush
      • its_forge

        Who got it from somewhere else

  • Nick702

    #8 her gap is asstonishing

    • JezzusBa

      not a gap, just a chick with her legs spread

  • lol

    #19…is that a poster of the love guru on your wall? this chick sucks epic balls, my balls!

    • Guse

      Not to be cliche', but I never even noticed the damn poster.

    • Tush
      • its_forge


        • HANK

          Well I saw the poster and was that much more in love with her that movie was hilarious

  • Maverick

    This just made my day… a day that i thought couldnt get any better just did! Im going 90's with this one, THE CHIVE RULES!

  • Manmar_McHutch

    #8 You could drive a truck through that gap. Lovely.

  • Nick702

    #27 I like whats going on here

  • PDiddily420

    I thought #5 was a nice camel toe…But then I got down to #29 and I forgot all about 5. Talk about a mound!

    • kal

      hey chive! new post…"mounds of fun" !

    • gok attack

      #5 has got a fat twat

    • Rick

      Kreegah bundalow!!!

  • Matt Nowak

    #29 so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Best post on theChive. Ever. Nobody can top it.

  • BigDingo

    This whole post is amazing. The peekaboo tatt in #17 is hot.

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    How about a post called "The nips don't lie"?? #20 is hot



    • FreddyStylez

      Yep yep.

    • LeoCast

      that looks like erin the guitar girl

  • EZEE


    The Gap By Which All Gap is Judged!

  • EZEE


    I love detail where fuzz is visible, along with goose bumps

  • gottfried

    #27 where is the pedo bear?

  • Racktastic

    #5 and # 29


  • ire7ny

    #5 wacca wacca wacca wacca (looks like pac-man…a deliciously awesome pac man)

  • tim


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