Your hips don’t lie (29 photos)

  • bagofchicken

    top shelf stuff, thanks chive!

  • Kevin

    we need MOAR of these!!

  • Bloo

    False advertising. This post was supposed to be about hips, not hip bones.

  • sonu sharma

    your pose is very sexy

  • http://gmail

    so sexy photo i wanna sex wid them

  • toe-maz

    They all nice to me! Makes me smile just looking at these pictures. Anyone want Pork, I,m sure you can,t find it on the Web. Thank you Ladys. You all HOT! (‘.’) Mmmm!

  • Artoxx

    Just a thought, but I think that all HIPS, Bikini Bridge, Mind the gap, Whale tail, Pokies, and anything even remotely similar should ALWAYS be posted in HQ. Those of us with Windows 7 and the cyclic wallpaper feature enabled, REALLY love to see this stuff go by in our daily browsing. Just sayin.

  • Trey Maddox

    #5 and #29 i could just stare at all day!

  • ZinnNasty

    This should be an every day post!

  • K Max

    I am voting for 2 new threads Lets have one for camel toe and another for the bikini bridge Please.pleasepleasepleaseplease

  • Burgendy

    why do we not have more of these pictures?! #29 made me feel like a 12 year old kid agian. top of the line chive, way to go. keep it coming.

  • Ben

    if you're gonna make a hip post, maybe put in girls that actually have hips. i expected more curvaceousness.

  • Ken

    my tongue is awfully restless at the moment

  • Rixster

    #5 and #29 Are you SHITTING ME !!!!! WOW

  • bumble

    I like to see the next two shots in this series.

  • Anonymous

    hips dont lie

  • Buffalo

    #5 and #29 Nice CAMELTOE MOAR of both!!!

  • hey

    I gotta say this is some weird stuff. turned on by a girl's hip bone? am i THAT bored of tits and butt?
    don't get me wrong – good wide hips on a thin girl is really hot. but getting turned on by a closeup on a hip bone is really kinda gross guys…

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