Burn your bra Tuesday (25 photos)

  • Pat

    #1 Will poke your eye out!

    • financial aids

      i've gotten so good at typing with one hand http://www.oneadayporno.com

    • John

      sexy bitch

    • Carmi

      Posh Spice…

    • bannedtroll

      I appologized chive admins now you you will suffer the consequences…

  • Finster

    #6 I love you…I mean, I fucking love you.

    • cogburn

      I mean, I love fucking you.

    • Bull1123

      This looks like it would be WAAAAAAYYYY too much fun!!!!
      And just for grins and giggles…here it is again! #6

    • John

      u fucking sexy beast

  • Nick702

    #6 ohh the dirty things I just did to you in my head.

    • derek


    • derek


  • fuckin hateme

    titties First!

  • Jak

    This website gets infinitely better almost every week. Love the double action in #6

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heath-Weese/1169157669 Heath Weese

      who is she?

    • Catch

      obvious winner of an awesome gallery :))

  • Battlestarcomics

    #24 and #13 and#22
    Made me….Hiccup.

    • FDU

      Hate to ruin it for everyone, but #24 is shopped (but still hot). http://www.fotolog.cl/diosa_celestial/5677766

      • its_forge

        Sheez wtf, she was fine without the enhancement. I hate when it becomes obvious that guys all think a great-looking girlie in almost no clothes looks nice but boy would she be hotter if she had gigantic, plastic-looking, anti-gravity tits glued on her. ::sigh::

        • http://jameskruger.blogspot.com/ JAMESJ

          So FUCKING true!!
          Thanks #3

    • riverdog

      #13 with bonus points for the upskirt
      original of #24 is hotter than shopped imho

      • Buford_Justice

        #13 gets naked on the internet, cant remember her name though, part of one of those arty websites

  • pdiddily420

    Awesome, I'm so glad they made this a regular thing now!
    #25 is the winner this week, but #1 gets an honorable mention.

  • Hurlinator

    #19 Jacqueline Bisset in "The Deep"! Oh and #22!

  • Pat

    #24 FTW!

    • Surf and Snow

      Good lord!!!

  • slutifer


    JEEZ !!

    • dasuperfan

      i don't even know what bra size she would be….. do that make a " holy shit these things are massively delicious"

    • diaperwear

      hey i love BIG tits .. i can play all day with them..

    • http://yahoo.com oscarboy

      cool bobs……………….

  • Dante

    Great post…#22 & #23 for the win……Beautiful…

  • Simba

    WHO IS #14 ??

  • tits_mcgee_

    please keep this going chive… #22 oh my god

  • Gabe

    BYB Tuesdays ROCK!! Thank you Chive for helping us make it to Wednesday's "Hump Day fix" that tides us over till Friday.

    • jason in pc

      how about spot the gap thursday or camel toe thursday, maybe just plain old "close up shots of tightly wrapped vaginas thursday.
      i would be down for it.

  • disturbed

    #24 Just when I think it can't get any better

    • zanno

      find her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iLuvB00BIES

    The bra is the only invention that gets better when it's not used.

    • Chavez

      And nuclear bombs.

      • guest

        and panties

  • Orgazoid

    The Chive is such a fucking shit website.

    • Blasphemy

      After reading your comment, I'm gunna take the position that you enjoy big cock in your mouth.

    • Catch

      This troll is gonna get fed to hell.

      • That1guy

        Love the site, but when I tried getting my female friends into it they called it a softcore site. Thoughts?

        • Carmine

          tell them to try theBerry maybe, then slowly you can get them to go to theChive for more funny posts

        • haterade

          it is now. used to be about randomness. then the douchebags took over. now it is just tits and ass. fine things, but there is plenty of that on the internet already.

          • R.C.

            Sad to say you are right.. From random greatness to all pics for the guys who meet their mates at Walmart.. But..they can say "MOAR" and swear at other posters..

        • Guest

          Get new female friends; all mine love theChive

  • ireland7ny

    Burn your bra tuesdays, hump day wed., chivettes on friday….. maybe throw in a "all natural bewbage thursday, mound mondays, seductive saturdays, "anything larger than a handfull is risking a sprained tongue" sunday. HOORAY chive….

    • Dirty Dingus

      I vote for Smiles on Monday. Gap or Camel-Toe Thursdays.

      • Kman

        Good call on the smiles i work corp in Oz, and am thinking i might have to ditch The Chive as it's turning into less Randomness, and more softcore. As in a thread above, there's enough of that on the internet

    • tracy

      lulz..weird science reference..+1 pt.!!

  • orangewhip

    #6, #9, #14 – chive can i claim you for unemployment too?

  • adam

    #21 A bra wouldn't be able to contain those anyway.

    • Khawaja


  • BulletproofMonk

    oh god yes! #14

  • Wavien

    Nothing is better than bra-less chicks..

    • Yucky

      Pretty sure naked chicks are better. Just sayin'.

      • LonelyAirman

        Those two are not mutually exclusive…

  • newscot

    I recently read that Tuesday is the most productive day of the work week.
    You're not helping to make that true Chive…

    • ryan

      It's not the most productive, it's the most REproductive day of the week, and the thechive IS helping!

  • sully23

    who is #11? Find Her!

    • Kevin

      Looks alot like Ferris Buellers girlfriend.

  • mike


    is shopped, i have seen pics of her before, they are not that big. she is still amazingly hot with a great rack but they are not that big. On another note, who is she, more, more, more!!!!!!!!!

    • Jak

      That comment made no sense. If it weren't for the boobs under there I would be forced to name call and bully. Good day, sir

    • greg

      you seem to know a lot about someone you don't know….genius

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