• GodBlessChivettes

    The car in front of them ran over some sort of concrete or metal bar at about :39 seconds and that shot it through their windshield.

    • Nick

      It looked more like a 2 x 4.

      • Bob

        It was wood, and 2 x 2….


    Holly shit….!!!!!!! I would have been scared to death any way!!!!

  • Tim

    Well, that woke me up.

  • Birdhaus32

    First reaction – heart attack

    Second reaction – RAGE!

  • Anonymous

    holy shit.

  • Nicnac

    This proves one thing. If you see two people acting like arseholes on the highway, back up from them, or pass them and put a ton of distance between you. Don't sit there and film them. They could have collided and she would have been caught in the mess.
    Did either of the morons stop to help this driver? Her youtube video has comments turned off because of all the hate directed her way.

  • NothingBut

    holy shit, reminded me of final destination.

  • buster cherry

    What's that smell?

  • HeavyD


  • asd

    doesnt work

  • A-State

    that literally made me jump in my chair! I was not expecting that!

  • buster cherry

    If there was any justice in this world, the 2×4 would have gone through the window of the tool who was blocking the fast lane with his piece of shit trailer.

  • phalphalla

    I also wanna write the words "final destination" and "why were the filming in the first place". Thank you.

  • tag

    Hard to say if the video is real….the driver says NOTHING. Is he recording? Is there a passenger? No one screams or curses or breathes, or anything. I don't buy that if a 2×4 goes through your window.

  • yabootz

    it dun make a person become insane!

  • Adam

    I like how the question of why the guy was filming has been answered several times, but there are still posts asking why this guy was filming. Or girl was filming. I read the article that explained it and stated that it was a woman driver… Typical…

    • NoName

      Oh, do be fair. It's not always the woman's fault. Can't blame the woman in this case either, instead of dodging the debris like an intelligent person would have done, the vehicle with the trailer runs it over and nearly kills somebody.

      • Adam

        Wait… I was kidding about the woman thing. It was just a joke.

        You see, I was trying to be funny… sometimes it get's missed. or I fail at my attempt.

  • Just Sayin'

    I was expecting a face to suddenly appear and do the usual "make a loud noise to make me jump"… wrong i was!

  • Nazz1962

    How the hell did the driver not yell at that moment??? I would have said all kinds of expletives, including, "jesuschristgoddamnedsonofabitch!!!"

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Christ!

  • David F.

    ………and he just shit his pants

  • eclipze

    The person who's recording didnt make a sound. That was weird. If I was the guy, I'd go nuts. LOL

  • the dude

    Chive why video no work for my phone anymore(insert picture of madface guy)

  • Jay

    Definitely following too closely. Precisely for the reason of the car in front kicking something up to break your windshield (stone, piece of tire, wood, hunk of metal, etc). If she were further back, the object would lose speed and not be as dangerous to her. Good thing she wasn't any closer, could've been impaled.

  • jkn

    Holycrap! well, i'm awake now

  • Cthulhuspawn

    Well, I see your problem!

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