Some love for the tattooed girls out there (28 Photos)

  • Sorry


    • Eyeskin

      don't like it.. don't click on it

    • truth hurts

      is what women say when they look at your shriveled little micro-penis

    • Rez!

      Have to agree… A lot of these gals are freaking hot!!! Why is my question!

      • haterade

        because they have no interest in meeting guys named rez.

        • Captain Charley

          hahahahahahaha perfect buddy

    • Jesse

      Maybe not quite "EWWWW" now, but IMO, a sexy woman with that many tattoos show's an extreme lack of foresite. Same goes for those earrings that stretch their earlobes out.

      • DoubleK

        As a 22 yr old women with 80 hours worth of work on my body AND stretched ear lobes who:
        -owns her own home, not apartment, or townhouse, a HOME
        -makes more than BOTH parents RIGHT NOW (not when they were just my age)
        -has a GOVERNMENT job, that kicks ass

        I STRONGLY disagree with that statement.

        …and I never went to college either!

        • topher

          No, has nothing to do with whether or not you're successful. It has to do with when you are 44, and that eighty hours of work doesn't look good anymore.
          But don't get me wrong, right now those tats are super hot and sexy.

          • David Mitchell

            Totally agree,
            what happens when your 70 years old, not only are those tattoos all wrinkly now, but the ear hole things and tattoo designs are no longer in style and you look a bit weird.

            I think of it like decorating a house, when you decorate a room, you will think for ages what colour etc… then in a few years time your sick of them and want to redecorate.

            But the are super hot at the mo!

            • thatoneashley

              Everyone's skin looks like shit when they're old. do you think yours or that hot chick without the tattoos' skin will somehow not look like shit at that age?

              it's not your body anyways so why the fuck are you acting like it's your place to tell other people what they can and cannot do with theirs?

              • Adam Heffelfinger

                Chill. They are just expressing opinions… Most of us can appreciate ink, and if you can't thats your right. Nobody is attacking, at least on this chain, anyone's right to do with their body what they will. They are just expressing their view about potential outcomes of their decisions.

              • Captain Charley

                right on the fucking money, all old skin looks bad, at least they'll have some funny funky artwork to look at, to distract away from the saggy…lol

        • CAPS, SO YOU KNOW

          Maybe you should have gone to college and learned how to emphasize words without using caps.

          • @EricDLarson4278

            Maybe you should have paid for a better college and learned how to compose a more intelligent and relevant comment. Asshole

        • haterade

          Wow, is walker using you as an example of government excess?

        • Ateka

          Exception that everyone uses to hide the real facts…

        • Shilling

          I love the completely self-centric view all these men are taking. What you think her art is going to look like when she's 40 or 60 or 80 is irrelevant. She's one who has to love her own skin and how she looks in it. And confident women are sexy to all but the most insecure of men.

          • OneHelluvaMichelle

            as a woman, thank you 🙂

            • captainobvious

              as a man, sexy (and initial attraction) has very much to do with physical appearance … I've never met a woman and said to myself "self, I'd like to bone her sense of humor and boy oh boy what filthy raunchy things I would do to her obvious sense of self confidence."

              me personally, I look more at the boobs and the butt … but to each their own.

              • Captain Charley

                Sounds like you're going to end up with a real champion of a woman, fuck dude, you give us men a bad name. Try Captain Oblivious next time, it would suit your stupidity a little better.

      • maxwell

        Yeah, they're gonna look great when they're 40. NOT!

        • Tofu_Ninja

          What's the point of going to the grave 'beautiful'?
          Why not have an awesome life, try many things, get tattooed and die happy?

    • jim

      Agreed! What a waste of beautiful skin.

      • ...

        i think i know the guy in #19

        • Captain Charley

          You're a dumbass

      • twang92

        hey everyone just needs to kcco.
        no one really has the right to judge anyone and every single one of these chivets are bombastic. love it chive

  • HankT

    #11…Super sexy

    • Cake is a Lie

      Hips Dont Lie

  • disturbed

    #13 Too cute!

    • james

      Who is this

    • Sn can

      Definitely one for the "goofy" post!!

  • Brad

    I'm loving #12.

    • adam

      I agree she is GORGEOUS very sexy.

      • Matty

        Her name is Radeo. shes a suicide girl. I've had a bit of a crush on her for a while now 😛

    • brav0zulu

      Radeo Suicide. Lovely Radeo Suicide.

      • STP

        I reeeaally like star tatoos on her nipples.

    • Nick

      where the fuck are her nipples!!????

  • mattythegooch

    Just when I thought theChive couldn't get any worse by running out of black t shirts…………you go and totally redeem yourselves…………….#16

    • Puck

      FIND HER NooooooooW!

      • Alex

        Google Juelz Ventura . . . probably not from work though

  • WinningChiver

    #17 Needs closer inspection… like their own post

  • Finster172

    #10 "Ten points to Griffindor."

    • Justin

      That's actually a Phoenix….like the little one Harry uses a feather from

      • Finster172

        I didnt think my original comment could be out dorked. I was wrong.

  • Mike

    Wow…..Tattooed Tuesdays? Thumbs?———>

    • Kelley


  • Shannon Coverdale

    I love chicks with tats

  • davey

    some are gross.
    some are sexy.

  • RufioRufioRuFi

    These chicks rock, especially #14

    • AdamBaldick

      Definetly! so seductive with a little crack.


    cue the grandpas saying that tats are gross.

  • ISU Birds

    #11 You are simply amazing.

  • William H Macy

    No doubt #15 has some great…oh you said TATS…those are nice too…

    • wetodid

      suicide girls her name is Bully

      • damn son

        wow, she looks AWESOME nude!!!

  • russel

    cleavage and/or chest tattoos just ruin it for me. no thanks.

    • GlibTongue

      Same with stomach tattoos for me.

      All I think about when I see a stomach tattoo is 'What is that going to look like after you're 9 months pregnant?'

      …Wish I could help that compulsion.

    • dan marmon

      i agree i like them everywhere else.of course they always open up the line "i was checkin out your tats,not your tits"

    • Vnice

      Obviously, you're a homosexual then. Either that or you're intimidated that a girl might look a bit more bad ass and your candy self.

  • teximport

    I love ALL sorts of women. For some reason,these girls look like they could be as talented in the b/r and interesting as they are sexy. They are so fuckin sexy !

  • trulyrough

    Whatever happened to two guns girl?

    • haterade

      butter face

  • aosux

    I'm less impressed with the ink and more impressed with the nakedness

    • tatless

      agreed 100%!!! burnt out on tats, less ink, more skin!!!

      • The Pict

        Agreed 100% If I wanted a girl with pictures on her I'd date a cartoon.

  • Bud_kk

    This has to become once a week! Love tatooed ladies.

  • Arnold Lane

    #3 #10 #13 and then #17 to completely blow my mind!

  • Junior

    i dig chicks with tats…

  • Picard_

    Tats, no tats, it matters little. They are all in a state of undress, and looking fantastic to boot!

  • dasuperfan

    chive how'd you get a hold of my Christmas list

  • Nick

    Start of a new weekly post? TATuesday? Good tats, bad tats and of course lots of hot chicks with tats.

    • Arnold Lane

      or 'Tattoosday'

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    #23 Flat, but hot!

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