Fit girls: Scary sexy or just scary? (30 Photos)

  • WiscoGooner

    #15 Who irons a sweater?

    • Hbgtyui

      I've got some bad news for you buddy…

  • Roelie

    Numbers 2, 3 and 4: sweeeeeet…. !!!

  • Rez!

    I'd pump my iron into any one of these hotties!

  • zombie

    Chive, Gina Carano is the best! She deserves a post all to herself! Hot AND can kick your ass! #12

  • 4nbstd

    #3 #5 #16 #25 Jenna Webb. She's been on Chive before.

  • Mark

    #13 / #15 and #26 – perfect! I don't really want to see veins on my girl's arms, but that's just me.

  • T.Dot

    Must Find #2 and #28. NEED MOAR.

  • Ryan

    #24 is Jenny Poussin, does tons of naked pics

    • mark

      Got the wonky nipples… reason No. 1 for not getting implants.

  • thinkbob

    #3 #9 #12 and #15 oh so hot

  • Mikey

    #13 #14 #24 #26
    Are nice the rest to many muscles.

  • fireman_steve

    I’m gonna have to go with sexy on all accounts


    #5 is hot. I'm jus'saying

  • Henry Gibson

    They should rename this thread "Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and HOLY LORD IT'S JENNY POUSSIN!" #24

  • Anonymous

    # 26 Timea Majorova…..mmmmm I’d let her do whatever she wanted to do to me

  • Ballyhoo

    Love the pic but #16 is sexy and all so we need an album with hot girls in thigh highs or tall socks

  • av

    9, 13, 15, & 29 r Jamie Eason. Also # 11 is Chicken Tuna on

  • AdamBaldick

    You meet any of these girls in public and your jaw drops. I have a good friend that when she gets photographed she tries to make herself look fit, but if you saw her in a bikini you couldnt find a thing wrong with her. These girls are 10's.. well some are a little too far. but for the most part. 10s

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #7.Wins IMAO

  • Dieter Schprockets

    Her anger is delicious….I must taste her…..

  • Eddie

    #1 is Susana Spears.

    You're welcome Googlers.

  • objectivehate

    All of these goddesses are sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell!

  • quo

    #5 & #9

  • teximport

    She's SO fuckin' sexy
    #28 You don't need to be orange to be sexy
    MOAR !!!!

    CHIVE, why you show fit girls EVERY week ???

  • Pat

    #14 ..nothing like a girl dropping her pants in the middle of the street !! Very sexy!

  • Bryan

    Some hot. Some not.

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