Fit girls: Scary sexy or just scary? (30 Photos)

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Definitely hot!

  • TheBigKahuna

    i definitely would, unless they've got implants. but #1 (a.k.a. zuzana) gets an exception. also, #3 is super sexy. find her!

  • Jason

    #12 Gina is one of the hottest women out there in my opinion. She seems cool as fuck too.

  • Deltaboy

    By far, my favorite recurring post on the chive! All of them are sexy!

  • 2cool4skool

    #26 Is unbearably sexy. Seriously, who? Moar!
    #5 #14 #24 #25 are drop dead gorgeous too. The fit posts have really grown on me, with the exception of the scary ones of course.

  • Rob

    #1 #30 is Susana Spears. Google her. You're welcome.

  • Jeff

    #15 #19 and #26 all the way!

  • rca

    #3 n #16 fine moar please!

  • laelow

    Jenna Webb FTW #5 and #25, oh god damn. 🙂

  • Sterling Archer

    #14 "What? Camera?" *rolls up shirt* *drops skirt* "tadaaa!!!"

    And for that, we thank you.

  • drewdeze

    i bet #20 can snap more than just you in half, those abs just scream "i will mess u up in bed, and not in a good way"

  • Herm23

    All of them are sexy as hell. #4 's arms are a bit too big for my taste, but not by much. I love fit women.

  • Apple ben Pieman

    fit = both sexy AND scary, natural boobs = sexy, big silicone clown-outfit boobs = not sexy.

  • dom


    ❤ gina

  • Panduhhhh

    Wow! This is my favorite post you guys do, tha k you and when can we have moar????

  • EDo

    I'm so in love with Gina #12

  • lfsg

    #4 #8 and #18 are pure delicioussnesssss

  • Lindsey

    Gotta LOVE a girl that puts that much effort into her body. Play on playa!

  • TCB12

    #7 #20 & #21 are scary…..the rest are pretty sexy.

  • @ecastroe

    scary sexy in a "I don't know if I can keep up with them, but I'll sure try" way! these are the best posts ever! I'm converted to these chicks too, chive!!

  • Glenn_Coco

    I love these posts. Thanks Chive!

  • eat balls, internet!

    chivers, let's have a litte tit for tat. who the hell is #8?

    i'll give you #16: jenna renee webb (sooooo hot) and #17: lacey lynn (insanely hot!) and #28: michelle prestin (who, seriously, may be the 2nd hottest woman in the world – behind marzia prince).

    also, Chive, you magnificent bastards, i LOVE the fit girl posts. thank you.

  • Jisper

    #14 Moar

  • cHoLk

    #13 awesome!

  • Joe

    #13…well, i know what college i'm going to!

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