Found: Nozomi Sasaki (10 Photos)

You'll probably recognize a few photos below. Nozomi Sasaki has been a mainstay in our 'Find Her' gallery for a while. The Japanese model made a name for herself as a fashion model. Pieces of her shoots always made their way to my inbox but we never had a name until now. Enjoy...

  • maxim2boobles


    i want to be that pillow

  • greg

    Listing the bloodtype is a japanese stuff. They always include it in people stat. It's a popular belief in Japan that bloodtype will give information about your personality, and help to match people. There's even diet tailored according to your bloodtype!
    It's a bit like astrological sign in the West, and probably as stupid.

  • Vag Pounder

    Too bad her vag is filled with deadly nuclear radiation. And gonorrhea.

  • Amber

    #13 Blood Type in Japan is the equivalent to Zodiac types in the West. It's supposed to say a lot about their personalities


    In Japan your blood type is like your zodiac sign in the United States.

  • Wolfram23

    Love all the pics. She looks just like my gf. Asians look so young and cute. Some chivettes like LG born in the same year looks like old fart in front of her!

  • Marco

    #13 For Japanese people bloodtype tells the personality ,is like our horoscope

  • naked

    devastating, just absolutely devastating (man or not)!

  • David

    She is other level. Im stunned.

  • Anonymous

    I hope u have no bf. I love
    the way u r right now 🙂

  • Jackiechan

    Its very very very very sexy sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Always Last


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